Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

…Is like a circus, a beautiful but crazy circus. So far I have seen a bunny on a bicycle (In a basket, not peddling it obvs) and a cat asleep in a fridge (it seemed happy and no one was overly concerned.)

We headed to the beach bars last night in search of an acoustic guitar singer guy from the Last Bar Railay. We are his new groupies. They guy did amazing versions of pretty much everything on my MP3 player. The credible stuff, not Lady Ga Ga/Saturdays .I also witnessed possible the funniest near disaster that ever was, when some flame thrower performers accidentally hurtled huge burning torches headlong into the audience. More than once. I took a wide berth after that. I also joined in a UV light skipping contest. What a talent.

What else? Had a lovely sunset in an infinity pool looking out into the beach, and topped up my last days of tan. I may have huge bags under my eyes from too much fun, and grubby grubby grubby hair, but I do officially have the worlds best tan.

My last night was spent in true traveller spirit with a huge group of 8 randoms heading for dinner and drinks, picking up waifs and strays on the way, and learning the ways of ‘Yaniv’ – an Iranian card game. Thanks to the generous Jessie and Sara who kindly opened up their lovely pink room to me, the littlest hobo. I’m glad I picked you up in the Last Bar, or you me (as in, we met, we were not literally on the floor.) I wish my much sought after hat a happy life with you Jessy. Sorry Dane.

Ok, technically my last, last night was spent on a sleeper bus back to Bangkok. I finished possible the most poignant book I have ever read; Eat Pray Love, which I couldn’t have read in a better place or better time. “I was never not meant to be here. This was never not meant to happen.” I loved this.

Railay, Thailand

Spider Kim, Spider Kim…..Yes, check out the guns.

I came off a 14 hour sleeper bus from Bangkok to Krabi in the South of Thailand, got on a minibus to Ao Nam Mao port, got on a longtale fishing boat at 6.30am and arrived shipwreck style wading into Railay East Bay.  Then did a climbing course. I scaled and absailed off a massive rock. Like, totally massive rock. Think James Bond in The Man With the Golden Gun. Literally, those rocks that jut out of the sea. All before midday.

I kicked that rock’s ass. I was like Tom Cruise in the opening of MI2 (god I love that film.) I has special shoes and chalk dust and beat a couple of men to the top of a massive overhang and the 20 meter big boy climb.  I am available for action movies soon.

Dude, it was huge. Extream Kim, adrenalin Junky…… Pow Pow Pow.

Just a shame I can’t get the vid clip t0 upload, grrr.

An.an.tas.in : The Anantasin is the name of a shipwreck just of the coast of the Sensi Parasise, Mae Haad Bay, Koh Tao, Thailand. It’s one of my many favorite places.

Lit.tle: Just because it’s cute.

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October 2010

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