Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This city is hard core. Two of us went for dinner last night, rocked up at a heaving restaurant, realised it was 3am?! That’s just how they roll.

So about the steak. It was….well, nice, I guess? Like I remember.  Cows of the world breath a moo of relief, I shan’t be turned. I just figured, that to come to Argentina and not try it would be a crime. A crime, people.

So Emily and I swapped our denim cut-offs for posh frocks yesterday at the sport of rah’s; Polo.  It was a big International match –  England v’s Argentina, at Campo Argentino De Polo stadium. The whole thing was brilliant. God those little ponies sure can run. Best of all, they let you onto the pitch to stamp the divots (check me with the Polo lingo.) Emily, I, and our new partner in crime Eddie decided to use this as an opportunity to get ourselves on ESPN news, larking about in the background as they interviewed players. Childish, us? Emily and I were shameless WAGS and bagged ourselves an autograph too (from a player not pony). Although I did also sneak into the horsy area and pat a few ponies. Do you get to do this kind of stuff at Wembley?

Finally, to complete my list of Argentinian cliché’s we went to see a great Tango show. Better still, we ended up at BA’s version of pineapple Dance Studio (minus any Louis Spence character) to learn us some moves. The whole thing was painstakingly awkward, school disco style, when they made us dance with boys. No, not even hot ones.

Things I will miss in BA-ville; Emily, my BFF. We met at London Heathrow when I accidentally knocked her down some stairs, and were inseparable for the next 5 days. Also, despite her spending all week in Spanish school, the only phrase we successfully came out with was ‘Donde es Evita’s grave?’ Sadly, not really applicable to many situations. I’ll miss Kyle and Andy for appointing me front of house at your imported Colombian Bean bag jacket shop empire. It was a great pitch, i’m in. I’ll also miss Ulrik for being my Sambuca bud, Oli for using phrases like ‘Safe bruv’ despite being a white boy from London, and South Africa for your exquisite taste in cocktails, and my Easter egg bunny. In the words of the great (read annoying) Jack Black; ‘That’s f*cking Teamwork.’ I hate you for introducing me to this song.  I will also miss Max, not that I ever spoke to him,  but for enabling Emily to recount this following gem….

… So Emily meets dorm mate – American, dreadlocks, talks like a total stoner man…You know the type. So they launch into the ‘where you been/where you going’ talk, and he’s spent some time in ‘She Lay.’ Emily is mucho confused, asks everyone if they’ve heard of it –  ‘shheee lay?’  This brand new mysterious country?  Took us a full day to work out he meant Chile :)

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