Arequipa & Colca Canyon, Peru

My life last week was all about school and early nights. The routine was shopping, celeb gossip, trash cable TV and lunch with my fave BFF’s Rachel and Poppybobby.  This is not her real name, Rach misheard her and wondered what a ‘bobby flower’ was. Anyway, it stuck. We hardly touched a drop of alcohol. Life was good. In other words – hanging out with girls.

What happens the second I get to Arequipa however is quite the opposite.  This is what happens when you hang out with boys. The same ones off of the Death Road/Potosi Mine and other misc dangerous activities. Fresh off the night bus, I’d been here  all of 5 mins before I’d been led astray into Pisco Sour cocktails. This was at 10am. It’s a Peruvian favorite, kind of like a Mojito, but with egg white. Not as wrong as it sounds.

Not only do boys do silly things like mid-morning drinking and Pizza Hut (Ok, I loved this too,) but they also do crazy things like exercise. Imagine. Which is how/why I spent my last 48 hours with my nemesis: Colca Canyon.

More than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, Colca is about 100 miles North West of Arequipa. People come here to see Andean condors fly, which was beautiful and worthwhile. They also come here to trek. When I say trek, I of course mean 12 hours of sheer vertical scaling/tumbling down the Canyon walls. Other people had proper walking sticks and mountaineering gear. I was rocking my £2 primark pumps and pink llama jumper. It was all a bit Legally Blond.

Now, I hate to sound all wimpy, but it may have just been the hardest thing I have ever done. I would like to say it was pleasant in parts, which it was. Namely the Oasis Bungalows with a pool/hammocks that you get to stay the night in the Canyon base. On day two we got woken up at 5am, and by 5.02am we were sweating and gasping for air in the moonlight, a fraction of the way up. Confession time; as the boys raced ahead, I had a little moment sat on a rock, lip quivering, and prayed to be air lifted out of there. Hilarous. However, tough cookie that I am I had a little word with myself, stuck on some Beyonce (girl power and all that,) and got my ass up there. At a snail’s pace mind, actual mules passed me on the way. As the boys told me at the top, you have to go through a little physical pain from time to time in life, it’s good for the soul apparently. Which I kind of agree with, now that it’s over.

We are going White Water Rafting tomorrow?!

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