Huacachina, Peru

I know what you are thinking after my hating on the Canyon;  She’s had 48 more hours of extreme sports?!

First was the previously trailed white water rafting, just outside of Arequipa.  Nothing short of brilliant. I was just about to drop the bold sentence;  ‘the the most fun I’ve had on the water,’ but then of course there is tubing in Laos. Let’s not be silly. NOTHING beats that. WWR is a close second however.

It was terrifying yet hilarious from start to finish. First you have to wear a fetching wet suit/life jacket combo. Always a winner. Then we cascaded along level 3 & 4 currents. It only goes up to 6. Ambitious for first timers I thought. There were 4 of us in the raft, plus our guide; Americo. Absolute nut-job. If there was a rock, he was determined to smash into it and/or beech upon it. This happened A LOT. We are not completely sure of his credentials, but apparently the solution is to ‘Right side cross,’ i.e all pile our weight across to one side and jump up and down until we shifted. It’s a miracle we didn’t capsize. I definitely want to do it again, and realised having being landlocked in deserts/mountains for so long, I love a bit of water in my life.

In complete contrast then, I spent my Sunday afternoon in the desert dunes of Huacahina. It’s one of the more bizarre places I been and is a little town near to Ica, close to the Nazca lines, and on the way to Lima. The whole town is one circular street long around a lake, that once was an oasis in the middle of huge sand dunes. There is one thing, and one thing alone to do here; Sandboarding. It’s exactly like snowboarding, but err on sand.  Now, I don’t want to be cocky, oh no hang on, I do! but turns out I shouldn’t have under estimated my vast snowboarding experience (read one day last April in the Cairngorms Scotland,) as it actually served me well. Despite one or two tumbles I Ripcurled my way down there looking totally cool (in my head anyway.) Always one to take it too far, in  my excitement I decided to ditch the board and see how fast I could rolly-poley could  down! I’m such a 5 year old. I also now have grains of the Peruvian desert in every single pore, and despite 3 showers I doubt they are moving anytime soon. Dirty.

AND I haven’t even mentioned the best bit yet . To take you up to the biggest/bestest hills they speed you up there in a dune buggie. Like huge ones off of the moon landings. We get in, and there are over the shoulder harnesses. I was stupid enough to saw ‘what’s with the Alton Towers strappage for a little drive in a buggie?!’ Famous. Last. Words. As soon as we hit desert we were practically airborn, flying across impossible angels and humongous drops at god knows what miles per hour. 

Here is a vid of me falling over. Lap it up.

Right, I think this adrenalin junkie needs a lie down now. : The Anantasin is the name of a shipwreck just of the coast of the Sensi Parasise, Mae Haad Bay, Koh Tao, Thailand. It’s one of my many favorite places.

Lit.tle: Just because it’s cute.

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June 2011

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