Lima, Peru

Lima is Peru’s huge capital city with weather a bit like Manchester (i.e glum). In all honestly, in my 4 days here I have only really ventured 10 mins at most around Miraflores, i.e the posh bit.

The reason for this can be summarized in two words; Roof Terrace. Ooo I do love a roof terrace. Especially the one at the lovely Kokopelli hostel. Actually, I haven’t really mentioned Hostel Wars yet, so here it is in a paragraph.

 Throughout Bolivia/Peru especially there are two camps; Wild Rover and Loki. Three if you count The Point, which I don’t. All big, trashy, party places, but fun if you are feeling social (and are 23 like me – insert your own jokes here.) Having stayed in all three Wild Rover’s I’m obviously a bit of a brand junkie, only there isn’t one in Lima.  I only managed a game of pool in Loki before realizing I knew, and was avoiding for a reason, half the people in there. You would not belive what a small world South America is. The other half just looked annoying. Don’t judge me. It’s rah rah gap yar (‘Year’  to you and me) central.

I did leave Koko long enough however to have possibly the BEST lunch so far. Made even more brilliant as it was with Peru’s answer to Paris/Nicky Hilton. Loves it. They were friends or a friend, well actually the sisters of Arnaud’s gay best friends boyfriend. Still following? First they picked us up in at least a £50k Chelsea tractor, then tossed the keys to an actual valet outside a mega posh restaurant?! I would have actually pretended to be Posh Spice and pull this off, had I not been wearing denim cut offs and flipflops. The Peruvian Hiltons were chic designer head to toe, and shiny shiny hair. Obvs.It would be easy to hate them, apart from we opened like this:

Peruvian Hilton Sister 1: So what’s your name?

Me: Kim

Peruvian Hilton Sister: What?

Me: Kim, Like Kimberley?

Peruvian Hilton: Oh, like Kim Kardashian?

Loved her from this point in. A couple of Passionfruit Pisco Sours and 2 hours of talking about boys, The Hills, the entire backplot of the real life Kardashians and we were all new BFFs.  Who needs Spanish when you have the international language of MTV! The food was delish too. I had Ceriche again (Raw fish with lime and onions). Yes, it freaked me out slightly eating completely raw fish, but after Guinea pig-gate earlier this week anything seems normal. It’s a Lima speciality so had to be done, and was actually very tasty. Maybe they took pity on my outfit, but very generously the Hiltons flashed the gold card and picked up the bill. I want to be them.

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