Santa Marta & Taganga, Colombia

Santa Marta
…is an uglyish little seaside town. Simon Bolivar, the Venezuelan revolutionary off of the 17/1800’s died here. He tried to unite South America in independence against the Spanish, so the guy’s a ledge (end) here.

I prefer my beaches not over looking shipping yards, call me fussy, so me and yo yo Joe head 10 mins out of town to El Rodadero beach. Joe is Cusco friend from volunteering at Yanapay. He’s also a hiphop artist/producer from Manchester. Brap. Hence Rach, Poppybobs and I nicknamed him thus. It’s nice hanging with a fellow Northerner.

So it’s a scortching Saturday, Rodadero is choc-a with Colombian families. It’s like a South American Benidorm. We come back from a little swim in the sea, to the spot where we left out clothes/pesos. Alas, they are ALL gone. Vanished. Gutted. After staring at each other is disbelief for a few minutes, it’s not the couple of quid im bothered about, it’s the fact that I’m at least a 30 min walk from Santa Marta in only a bikini. Upsetting. Walk of shame indeed. There is a happy ending however, because being the idiots that we are we realise we are a few meters left of the correct palm tree, where all of our stuff is fine. Doh. So that’s my nearly robbed in Colombia story.

…is 10 mins from Santa Marta in the other direction. Once a small fishing village it’s now popular for low price PADA diving courses. Which of course equals annoying backpacker hell. There are a couple of sweet looking white washed, blue trimmed cottages on the hillside as you enter, luring you into thinking you are in Greece. Be it a poor drinking man’s Greece, with disguarded glass bottles of Aguila beer everywhere. I hid in the tranquil gardens of Casa Felipe for most of my time here.

So back in Santa Marta I’d been having my ‘I don’t get the fuss over Taganga’ argument all day. Jo was not convinced so to proove what a shithole it was, and a little drunk, we took an impromptu taxi ride here at 2am. All I proved however was that Taganaga is in fact a half decent out, as we partied on the packed rooftop of El Garaje club till the early hours. Dam.

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