Bogota, Colombia

Technically this is Bogotá; revisited, as I was first here for a night after flying from Leticia 2 weeks ago. It’s people are stylish, urban, quirky. There’s graffiti everywhere. It’s streets are arty and edgy, yet at the same time there are immaculate galleries like the Museo Botero. Now I don’t really get art, but this place is fun. The walls are lined with things like this Fat Monalisa by famous Colombian artist Fernando Botero. Made me laugh. There is also a Salvador Dali, which is always worth a ponder for its pure bonkers value.

I then (accidentally) wandered into the Museo Historico Polica. No I haven’t been blog hacked by someone cultured. They were giving out sweets. Before you know it you are ushered on a private tour by one of Bogotá’s finest. Crime must be slow today. It’s disturbing, interesting and dull all in equal measure, but I was too polite to leave. From what I can gather the gist is an exercise in PR for The National Police force. They proudly tell you how many bad guys they’ve shot this year. Which I think is meant to make me feel safe as a tourist here but you can’t help thinking; Inaprops much? They do however have an interesting bit on Pablo Escobar – Colombian drug lord supremo. They have his Harley motorcycle and the bloodstained jacket he was shot in. Again, slight bad taste maybe? It is however a perfect excuse to watch Johnny Depp in Blow, the 2001 film about the Medellin cartel.

Later a group of us headed to the Zona Rosa, the posh area of bars/restaurants just North of centro, and home of the Bogota Beer Company. The specially brewed ales tasted drinking a pint of fabreeze to me, but boys get excited about draft beers, bless them.

Nothing however could overshadow Bogota’s best culinary invention; Chocolate Santafereno. Yes that’s right, hot chocolate with a slice of cheese to drip in. La Puerta Falsa, is a cute ye old bakery in Le Candelaria, has been serving it for over 100 years old. Genius.

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