Franz Josef, South Island, New Zealand

Another tiny two street town on the west coast. Just as well really, at least I didn’t really miss much holed-up in bed with flu. That’s right Andrew Craske, the kind of flu us mere mortals get more than once a year. :)  I had a total duvet day; finished my book, watched movies, ate rice pudding. Then summoned enough energy to climb into a hot tub. I secretly loved it all.

After 24 hours I manned up. Well, drugged up, on a cocktail of Lemsiptamol, to clamber Franz Josef Ice Glacier. We got crampons (spiky bits for your walking boots.) And no, of course not, they were rented. As was the bum bag. We had 4 hours of squeezing though ice caves, underground air pockets, and tunnels so tiny you only have millimeters of space around you to maneuver. Plus the glacier is never static – shifting about like a plate tectonic, as the Kaisers would say. Not to worry though, people rarely go the way of 127 hours, as with ice you can always chisel (or lick?) your way out. That’s a relief then.

I then spent a civilised first half of my evening being a geek, at Whanaka Mountain Film Festival. I saw some great 7 min shorts, especially Chimaera: Sound of Winter and The Whole Nine Yards.  Both featuring some stunning slow-mo’s of extreme off-piste skiers. Plus lots of badly integrated product placement by North Face, but good for them I guess for sailing the good ship Ad Funded. I’m gonna stop before I lapse further into bullshit bingo. But not before telling you that later that night I had a fully blown convo with Ed about SEO at about 2am. We are fun people to have around, no? Things took a turn for the slightly less civilised when I sacked off the films at the interval, to catch the second half of the Rugby. All Black’s v’s Fiji. No I don’t care either, but everyone was in the pub and I got the FOMO – Fear of missing out.

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  1. Anonymous
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 22:51:19

    You mean a cold!
    Forgot about that conversation, wondered what you were on about
    I feel special getting a mention though


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