Wellington, North Island, New Zealand

So technically I passed through Nelson and Picton to get here, but since the highlight of both of those places put together was some hostal with heated floors, I won’t bore you senseless with a blog post.

So Wellington (drum role….) is an actually fully fledged city! It’s more than 2 streets and everything. Just as well, for the capital. Before you get too excited, as I did, there is one major downside; the wind chill factor. Cold is one thing, cold ice wind is just too annoying for words.

I don’t think I mentioned but I’ve been sporting a pigeon like limp on my right ankle for 2 weeks now. Not a good look. So I figure the best place for me is somewhere I can shuffle along at a snail’s pace and not look odd; Wellington’s famous Te Papa Tongarewa Museum. (Translates as treasure box.) It’s the first thing everyone mentions when you say Wellington.

You can spend all day there apparently. Even with my slow motion walking I managed 2 hours. It’s not that good. It does however have some cool interactive installations. There was some giant Minority Report style wall of screens where you can mash up  animation, archive footage and your own video. Some media savvy 5 year olds were all over it. My fave though was the ‘design your own squid’ game. (The museum is home to the world’s largest preserved colossal squid. Odd I know. It looked a bit like an alien.) Anyway, you name your own squid (P-Squiddy) colour him in, and then ‘set him free’ by emailing him to yourself. Yes cynics, I am aware this is a canny mailing list ploy, but hello – an email update from a squid! I can’t wait to hear what he’s been up to. I hope he’s in touch soon.

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