New Zealand….

So, I didn’t watch LOTR, I didn’t hurl myself off a bungee jump or ski-dive. I did however see whales in the wild, snowboard, hike a glacier, sandboard, and meet at least half a dozen nice people. There’d have been more, but as Rach would say, I kind of lost my personality here and was on a bit of an odd one.  Except in Queenstown & Franz Josef where good times were had. Strangely, I’m glad I came in Winter, it suits it, and is hard to imagine in any other season.

I didn’t hate it, per say.  I just didn’t really didn’t love it either, for lots of reasons. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no Uruguay. Close, but not quite. Besides, you can’t love everywhere can you, otherwise where would be special.

So in a nutshell:


1) Nice visuals. Ok, I have to hand it to NZ, spectacular visuals. Pretty luscious scenery 24 hours a day.

2) RTD’s (Ready to drinks) Like pre-mixed whisky and coke in little cans. Like Marks and Sparks have started doing with Pina Coladas at xmas. I just like the abbreviation.

3) Customer service. Apart from my friends in customs at Auckland International, nothing is too much trouble. Especially the nice lady at InterIslander who hooked me up with a free ferry ride. Blag of the century.

Not loving so much:

1)What has to be in the most irritating inflection of any language. The Kiwi tendency to add ‘Aye’ to the end of every sentence. Every.Single.Sentense. “I’m good aye.” It’s NOT a question!

2) Intercity bus drivers building up their parts. Some of them missed their callings as voiceover artists bless them. Although running commentaries for 8+ hours is a little OTT. (Think monotone…) “This is lake Wanaka. This is the sky. These are some stones, not sure why they are here.” STFU then! I’m trying to read my book!

3) Showers that only run for 5 seconds at a time unless you keep the little button pressed down. Freezing. And just plain stingy.

4) Talking of stingy. NZ’s internet prices. If the whole of South America can give it away for free, so can you.

5) NZ’s nanny state, an obsession with health and safety, and slightly backwards identikit cities. Call me crazy for actually craving crowds, smog, and civilisation, but when the former three come at the price of any sense of place or multiculturalism, that’s no good thing.

Where I stayed: Friendz Hostel Auckland, Crank Backpackers Rotorua, The Lazy Shag Kaikoura, Canturbury House Christchurch, Base Queenstown, Rainforest Retreat Franz Josef, Accents on the Park Nelson, Nomads Wellington, Saltwater Backpackers Paihia, Peppertree Lodge Paihia.

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