Bounty Island, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Bounty is actual Celebrity Love Island (soo 2006 I know, but it’s still the most exciting thing to ever be filmed here. If you discount Tom Hanks in Castaway, which is round the corner.) Yes, that’s right our pool is one and the same once graced with Z list celebs like Callum Best, Abi Titmuss, Rebecca Loos. God, I hope they’ve cleaned it.

And despite the fact that the camera’s are gone, Island life really is like a reality TV show here.

You have the daily boat of new arrivals, you have evictions (well, ok technically they’re not voted off, they choose to leave, but it feels kind of the same.)

I roll off the boat and within a couple of hours know the names & life history of my new 20 – 30 Bounty companions. I meet my new BF Sandra over a game of Uno. She’s 21 and lived about 10 lives already. I cannot wait to see her in Sydney in three weeks. Then we have our gang of German boys; Stephan, Andreas, Kishan, Hanas, Stephan 2. We also pick up a few strays like Scottish Lindsey who knows all of the words to every Phoebe Buffet song – an absolute talent let me tell you.  We give nicknames to the ones who aren’t in our gang, like Baywatch girl – American Shannon that runs everywhere in slow mo, avec a tiny Bikini. As you can imagine the boys appreciated this. Us girls less so. Hussy.

There’s also the staff; The Chief, Big Mama, Matias. They sing 23 out of 24 hours everyday, and serenade the boat at least 5 times a day as people check in/out, singing & dancing the ‘Bula’ and Bounty Islands song. After five days Sandra and I know all the words and have it DOWN.  Matias takes one look at me hobbling off the boat and immediately becomes my personal GP in campaign ‘fix Kim’s ankle.’ He bandages magic leaves around it nightly (as in he wraps them round, I don’t ingest/smoke them you’ll be glad to know.) He does get a bit angry however the day that Kishan and I decide to play leapfrog, and grade each others cartwheels on the beach. I think I undermined all his hard work. It was worth it for my 9.7 into the pool though. In your face boys.

We pass our days, in a haze of eating, laughing, singing. Stephan has a birthday. Big Mama makes him a cake and the whole island throws him a party. We have so many in-jokes it feels like we’ve been in our Bounty family for ever. Life is just like the happy bit in The Beach. And then boom. We get a boat full of 40 new arrivals. I totally have a new appreciation for Big Brother now when they throw the Makosi’s/Kinga’s to mix it up and change the dynamic. It all goes a bit Survivor, and us a bit territorial. We have to queue for our afternoon cookies and sunlougers for gods sake.  Some newbies sit on OUR favorite hammock. It’s all a bit too much for us. We reminisce about the simpler times (err yesterday) when it was just us and life was so happy.  Then of course we adapt, get over it, mingle with some new people, and make new playmates. When one of us leave we stand on the shore and wave sadly into the horizon watching our close ones fly the nest. It’s an absolute microcosm of Traveldom with drama, attachment/detachment, extreme highs and lows, and an all round anthropologists dream.

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