Mana Island, Fiji

Come for one night, stay for five days. Heart.It.Here.

I’m a little sad for 5 mins on arrival, having just had a melodramatic goodbye with Gydo, (Dutch) my Beachcomber boyf of two days. We stood on the shore waving into the distance like loves young dream. Hilarious. 

Unlike tiny Bounty and Beachcomber, Mana is takes a whole 2 hours (gasp) to walk around. It has a village, school, church, and everything else that comes with a small community. Er litter/stray dogs. It’s a perfect slow ease back into civilization again. The dorms are yellow thatched huts, set back in the village across a square palm tree grove. Everyone’s colourful washing blows in the breeze. Kids all trot around shouting ‘Bula.’ It’s peaceful, and more authentic. I have never so instantly liked somewhere as much.

Quick intro’s: Rob and Tom. Our entertainment. Tom got through to filming of this series just gone of the Apprentice. He dropped out to come to Fiji instead. Unbelievably, he’s actually a lovely/funny guy. Their casting guy must have been having an off day. Rob on the other hand has no such claim to fame but you’d think he did. He’s definitely the Stuart Baggs character. If you’ve done something, he’s done it with bells on despite the fact he’s only 21. He’s like our enthusiastic golden retriever. Bit annoying but you love having him around. Thea (BF of the week) and I share a joint passion for spending our mornings in a mountain of old Heat/Closer mags, pretending we’re on Shipwrecked and playing Snog Marry Avoid with the daily 11am boat of new arrivals. Don’t hate us for being shallow, you know you’d get involved. Andreas (Germany) is my new Island boyf. Don’t look at me like that, it’s a different island, it’s tots allowed.  He and I bond over a shared hatred of New Zealand/love for South America. The two of us have Bolivia night and wear our llama jumpers in 25 degree heat talking about the glory days. People take a wide berth for a day, but we think we’re hysterical.


Sunday: Medicine walk. Locals talking you through all the flora/fauna etc. Bit dull but I was inspired by my Bounty ankle miracle (it’s mended btw).  That’s an Ozzy Dr’s bill bullet dodged. Phew.

Monday: Thea and I basket weave. Is this what people did before facebook? We make palm tree clutches and totter around all week carrying shells and our trash mags. We look a bit spesh but we love um. We continue the arts and crafts theme with jewelry making in the afternoon. An hour off my life, and nearly a finger, lost to chiseling away at a coconut with a nail file. Gutting enough, but more still when I lost my ‘F’ pendant within the hour in the sea racing to a buoy and back. Silly flimsy fishing wire.

Tuesday: Hermit crab racing AND the Fiji quiz. They even confiscate our Lonely Planets yet we still win. Wa ha ha. Then, (this next bit is gonna disgust you. It does me,) we spend all afternoon mooching around singing/playing guitar. Yes I’ve become one of those. Oh the shame. Desert island madness kicking in. It won’t happen again.

Wednesday: Worried we’ve gone slightly stir crazy,we pay Moses the local fisherman (Local Samual L Jackson Character in Pulp Fiction fix-it man) to get his cousin’s brother (you know the type) to take us to ‘Tom Hanks/Casterway’ island. Nice snorkeling, but alas Wilson was no-where to be found.

Thursday: I actually manage to leave. It’s an emotional bloodbath. Tom/Rob being the wheeler dealers that they are blag a ride on a yaght. Thea and I sing the goodbye ‘Bula my Zula’ song for the last time and board the snog/marry/avoid boat to face the karma of being judged by others. Andreas has one more day of PADI diving so he stays to pose about in his wetsuit some more. He loves himself rather. Which leads me to the second melodramatic exit of the week, as we cross speedboats mid-ocean and wave ta-rah. Love swanning about on speedboats, it makes for such a cool exit. It’s a total soap opera round here.

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Connecting to %s : The Anantasin is the name of a shipwreck just of the coast of the Sensi Parasise, Mae Haad Bay, Koh Tao, Thailand. It’s one of my many favorite places.

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