Fiji is my happy place. All time top 3 (alongside Bali/Laos since you asked).

It’s like everything fell in place here; the weather, the food, the scenery, the mood, the people. Like everything collides so that only good things happen. Cliche fest, but true. I feel like I’ve been living in a montage of my own  best bits for the last fortnight, and it doesn’t even need editing. Life feels sped up here, it all starts to blur. Days are surreal, like being that nice tipping point when you’re drunk.  The day before can feel like a lifetime ago, as everything’s flown by in a giddy bubble from when I ricocheted off the plane to back on it.

I find it strange that I’ve met nothing but the nicest people continually. Only one complete idiot (James, Beachcomber – yes I hate you enough to name you – he had such a chip on his shoulder about me being 23.)  Or maybe you just meet people you like in places you like. In exactly the right place at the right time sometimes. I’ll stop gushing now. But what can I say, I’m in love and am gonna be raving about here for a very long time.

Love Love Love:

1) Bula – The word, the songs, the dance. It’s all one contagious good mood.

2) Beach chic. Shoes and shampoo are a dim and distant memory.

3) Bounty Rum. Mmm.

4) Speedboats. The only way is seabound.

5) Desert Island Syndrome – stir crazy/cabin fever is super fun in a weird way.

Hated: Nothing of course! but disliked:

1) Cava – hell no to tradition, it tastes rank. Plus wannabe hippies that sit crossed legs pretending to be chiefs. Have a word with yourselves.

2) Prices – Paradise is a little on the steep side, but I’m so in love with here I’ll let it off.

3) The slight bastardization of tourism here and the whole Catch 22 of tourism in developing countries. The whole all inclusive ‘resort’ is kind of different to backpacking.

Isa Lei (Fairwell) Fiji x

Where I stayed: Horizon, Smugglers Cove/BountyIsland/Beachcomber/Rata Kini, Manu Island, Bamboo, Nadi.

Nadi Town, Fiji

Back to the mainland for a day before my flight. I had such big plans here. I really wanted to see Suva (Capital) the Coral Coast, the famous Beachhouse (Rob never stopped talking about it.) I even hand drew a little map out of Thea’s Lonely planet, which I’ll never get to use as I fell in love with the Islands so much and ‘stayed one more day’ for two weeks and ran out of time.

Nadi isn’t really all that spectacular, after everywhere else. Not that I notice. Yesterday I spent 10 hours straight binging on facebook/internet. I was in friend mourning too, so decided not to speak to any new people all afternoon. I had a lovely time. Revealed in it.

A day of rest and I was feeling social again, managed to pick up two randoms, Québec (his name escapes me) and Wolf (You can’t really forget that monstrosity can you, English too.) We get chatting on the beach. Next thing you know a guy with a horse trots past. I’m straight over there asking if I can borrow it, he magics two more out of no-where, and we spend the morning galloping wild horses along the beach. How can you not like a place where things like this happen. 

The afternoon takes an interesting turn. We return from Nadi town where shopped till we dropped for souvenirs. We also buy cheap toiletries like they’re going out of fashion, as I’ll probably need to re-motgage my house for them in Oz. Then, completely unplanned (Easterenders drum roll) I run smack bang into Andreas (off of yesterday.) We’re in the same hostel. Course we are. Obvs the speedboat wasn’t that good/far a getaway after all.  And two mins later Rob and Tom waiting for a bus. We have our third goodbyes in two days. Soo incestuous. Maybe it’s time to leave after all. Ahh, no I take that straight back :( Sob sob. : The Anantasin is the name of a shipwreck just of the coast of the Sensi Parasise, Mae Haad Bay, Koh Tao, Thailand. It’s one of my many favorite places.

Lit.tle: Just because it’s cute.

Blasts From The Past…

August 2011

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