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Sydney v’s Melbourne?  Everyone seems to have an opinion on this. It’s one of Australia’s ultimate questions. It defines you as a person. So just to be contrary (as per) I’m going to sit on the fence. I genuinely like both. But I would say that. I’m one of those people who neither loves or hates marmite like the advert tells you, it’s just ok?  Or should that be Vegemite since I’m in Oz – and they’re obsessed. God I’m like Cheryl/Dannii on the (old) Ex-Factor at that tedious deadlock bit where they chicken out of making decisions. I need some opinions already. Ok, Sydney has it. There, I said it. The sunshine swings it.

If Melbourne is Fern Cotton, then Sydney is Holly Willoughby. Wholesome, pretty, slightly more mainstream. If we carry on the Celebrity Juice personifications a step further, and let’s, then apparently the Keith Lemon (brash/loud/mental) of this scenario would be Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, which coincidently where I’m heading next. Brace yourselves.

But anyway, Sydney. I’ve been here 10 days. This is practically long term relationship status. All I can say is buy your hats for the wedding.  I can totally see myself living here. I’ve been walking around smiling all day for Christ sake, for no apparent reason. It does that to you.

Let’s start with the obvious: Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House. Truely.stunning. This sounds jaded, – it’s not meant to – but having seen a fair few wonders of the world in the last 5 months, I was prepared to be underwhelmed. But no no no. Quite the opposite. Well, I wasn’t overwhelmed – I didn’t faint or anything, but strolling down the immaculate Circular Quay with the sun glinting off skyscrapers onto the blue harbour, birds tweeting, sun shining, was, I admit, a bit of a ‘life is good’ moment. As was the lovely urban space that is Darling Harbour.

How can you not love a city with this sign…

What else….

Glebe Markets: Made me so giddy I can’t even talk about it. I know it’s in the twitter feed already, but it’s worth repeating; $5 shoes. $3 bad and denim jacket. That’s practically free.  There are vintage weekend markets all over the city in fact; Paddington, Bondi, Paddy’s Market. When is a jumble sale no ordinary jumble sale….when the girls throwing out their wears are all beautiful fashionistas with taste, that’s when. The Salvation Army it is not.

Sydney Fish Markets – This sounds like an odd one, but hear me out. Fresh, and actually quite reasonable seafood ranging from bottom dwellers to huge exotic lobsters in their about to be eaten tanks. I thought I’d be adventurous and try some oysters. I even decide to capture the whole thing on video, then realise I’ve not hit record, Doh. Tasted nice, one/if you get past the sea water. Perhaps Calls Landing had the right idea serving them in Vodka after all. Oh how we mocked.

Bondi is Bondi. My home for the week. Its 30 mins/a world away, freestyling on its own.  Come equipped with tinted glasses whist you lifeguard, surf, marathon train. Basically it’s only a sport here if you look hot/fit doing it. That’s not a complaint. The beautiful people just love to check each other out. It’s 90210 with tattoos, sponsored by Billabong, surfer chic. Fan page; click. I like it here.   

So the theme of the week is reunions. Some from a dizzying two weeks ago; Sandra (Bounty Island Fiji) We ride the ferry across the harbour and have a nice catch up lunch in Manley. Manley is a beach town, north of the City. Again Manley v’s Bondi is another big deal out here. Obvs as it’s my home for the week, I’m team Bondi. Both have one thing in common, waves to die for. If you were a surfer at least. It’s winter though so way too cold for me. Princess.

Next we have Andreas (off of Mana/Nadi Fiji.) His location credits might fill a bloody page soon. Did I mention we are (by chance) in a lot of the same places at the same time until xmas. It’s a small world after all it seems. Together with his friends Luke & Brooke we hand out for the day taking silly pics. I’m a total Opera house whore (that sounds wrong doesn’t it,) and visit for the 3rd time this week. I don’t think i’d ever get sick of it though.  Later that afternoon we are joined by Leanne (Off of Tickhill, Doncaster) who it was lovely to catch up with, and especially lovely over chocolate cake.

Then we have Mark, who wins the best blast from the past award; we went to school together. Aww. And had ourselves a really lovely 24 hours in Sydney, including probably one of the all time best meals off my life at little place called Bondi88. Tell me you’re not salivating: Perfectly cooked fresh muscles cooked in garlic/Thai/chilli, crusty bread, red wine. Spec-tac-u-lar. : The Anantasin is the name of a shipwreck just of the coast of the Sensi Parasise, Mae Haad Bay, Koh Tao, Thailand. It’s one of my many favorite places.

Lit.tle: Just because it’s cute.

Blasts From The Past…

August 2011

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