Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia

Melbourne 048I can’t even put the wonder of the last week into words, but let’s face it that would make for a bad blog wouldn’t it.

To say that looks-wise that Surfers was twinned with Benidorm would be a little harsh, but it does kind of give you a visual. Personally, i’d say it was much more akin with Marbella, meets a little bit of Vegas; glossy shops, city beach between skyscrapers. The club scene is king, the velvet rope tight, the bouncers mean, the dress code heals/LBD.

I came here for 1 night. I also (accidently on purpose) missed my bus to Brisbane for 6 days running. As the song says; Welcome to the Hotel California (real name the Couple O Days Hostel) Such a lovely place where no one leaves… It’s the Secret Garden Quito all over again i.e a rare hostel gem. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s nothing to do with pools, beds, free wifi (well sometimes it’s about Wifi.)It’s atmosphere, belonging, and for a week at least my little ozzy family.

I’m here 30 seconds before Emily (UK) zones in on a fellow gossip girl extraordinaire. She’s honed me out. You can spot a fellow kindred spirit. The only other girl is Jessica (Germany) the alpha female (read beautiful/bit scary.)Here’s the week in numbers.

2% Beach/pool
2% Facebook/silly U Tube
2% BBQ/Eating
2% Nights out
2% Hanging/watching movies.
90% gossiping. It’s unbelievable. Absolute soap opera gold standard.

Emily secretly likes X (I’ve taken it out as I forget sometimes this is in the public domain). Matt likes a Colombian girl, Chris likes Emily but sleeps with crazy NZ Kiwi Megan (all still laughing at that one) Tom & Matt like Jess. Jess hates Matt D, Matt D & Liam hate Jess. Elijah loves himself. Chuck likes Irena but has a kind of girlfriend. And so on and so on, multiplied by 7 days and with more twists and turns than Alton Tower’s Nemesis. Go on then, whilst we’re gossiping; Mark (Ireland) hearts me. I heart Mark. So at least two of us get it right. We lol & talk nonsense 247. He’s totally my hostel hubs.

Everyone else is here for a while, all casual working, living the ‘save to travel’ dream. I’m later told I’m special. They don’t normally let newbie’s into the gang, but I crack them.  When I leave it’s on par with my top emotionally wrenching goodbye’s so far (Arnaud in Lima, Thea in Mana, Gydo in Beachcomber, Rach and Poppy Bobs in Cuzco…)

Except this time it’s worse as it’s by choice. Well, it’s always by choice, I guess but on Fiji for example you kind of accept the conveyer belt nature of new arrivals/departures. Australia is almost like real life. Fate is in your hands. Flights are movable. Places unleavable. But I guess with 7 months to go I have to play travel ruIes. Attachment is a bitch.

I leave in tears, sat on the bus clicking through a 500+ photo montage of that Emily compiled as a leaving pressy. Listening to her gangta brap brap rap music in one ear, and Mark’s missing you slush in the other. Bawled my eyes out.

There is toooo much too write. That’s why all I’m going resort to word association. Pure unadulterated self indulgence, but it’s my blog, so you know. Tough. :) Hopefully a few are universal:

Puzzles the dog, fat imposter Puzzles, Billy’s Bar, Bourbon bar, Melbas, Woolworths, boats, playgrounds, volley ball, jelly fish, waves, kite surfing, ICE clothes shop, chucks back!, Gavin & Stacey, the Lion film, cups of tea, eggs, avocados on toast, hash browns, donuts, scones, goon, fringes, GHD’s, littlespoons, hero room, Brasilia night, First Division, burgers no burgers, gingers, Hey Arnold, forts, hiccups, black music, black dancing, black Emily, ‘I don’t know’ impressions, Fleetwood, Shuffling, Don Omar, God dam right it’s a beautiful day, yeeah you know what it is black & yellow. Laughing. I’m not missing you at all….

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