Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Australia

…It’s not Surfers Paradise…. But we can’t go on like this can we.

Mooloo la la la, (is not how you pronounce it but it IS more fun) is a ‘muuuee’ beach town on the Sunshine Coast.  *That’s ‘muueee’ you know, the sound that represents – nice/ok/neither moving/offensive.

I’m only really here to meet Freda, who I know via a dim and distance place called Screen Yorkshire. She brings Harris, who I am in love with, her 9 month old son. I want one. Travel size. We go for coffee and catch up, like off of grown-ups.  

What do you know, I can still creep words like ‘sustainable business plan’ and ‘the importance of legacy in BME schemes ‘ into my ‘totally…sic….awesome…loves it’ ever-dying vocabulary. It’s also both startling and a relief to be reminded how people can snap into different modes. Although like The Little Mermaid/Incredible Hulk/That dogboy off of Woof, and misc others that transform, it’s good to keep a hand in and fluctuate between the two, just so you know you can get back if you want to.

Freda is as beautiful, kind, and as enviable as ever. She is both energetic and serene at the same time, and is one of those people whose life I covet. This sounds like i’ve lost the plot, but I honestly have one of the most memorable epiphanies I’ve ever had (in Starbucks – who knew.) We both have never been so sure we’re going to see each other again (yes, in a fate kind of way.) Told you it was bonkers. Even though it was a slight chance encounter (if these exist anymore in the age of facebook/geo-tagging,) I honestly feel really happy about seeing her today.

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