Airlie Beach & The Whitsundays, Queenstown, Australia

Sorry to eventually rain on your parade Australia, but despite the hype The Whitsunday Islands ain’t all that and a bag of chips. I recon I’ve already said everything I have to say in 140 characters in today’s previous tweet.

Sure Whitehaven on Whitsunday Island itself is a nice beach, and yes the sapphire blue sea swirls around in cloudy whirls because of the sand blasts. But there are a lot of nice beaches/islands in this world; I’m just not sure The Whits had the X factor for me. Perhaps it was dragging my fast asleep ass from the overnight bus from Rainbow Beach at 9am, finding a hostel in Airlie Beach town, then jetting along on a speedboat all by 10.01am. My de-tour of a week in Surfers has somewhat limited my schedule (if ever I had one,) so I’m forced to have efficient mornings like this one to fit everything in.

I find a hostel called Magnums (unfortunately no sign of any free ice creams just yet) and a day tour.  But try to be rock n roll all you like, with your ‘look our speedboat is called the Thriller and we drive it real fast and pull zig zag stunts in the harbour.’ You’ll never be able to out danger Colombia and the Tayrona to Taganga white knuckle ride. Today’s had life jackets for Christ’s sake! Colombia has no such concerns for such things.

So sorry Whitsunday, you are pretty. Your name does sounds sexy and congers up images of ice-cream Sundays. You have a good claim to fame in that Jen and Brad got married here, that had me for 5 mins.

But when all’s said and done, Colombia wins the badass speedboat award, Fiji wins hands down in a ‘snorkel-off’ and for point-blank true beauty and atmosphere it has to Vietnam’s Halong Bay. Every time.



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