So it’s the eve of the big Myanmar adventure. No one can say it better that Lonely Planet, so I just want to throw a few of my favorite extracts out there, all from the Myanmar chapter of ‘the bible’ (South East Asia On A Shoestring 2010) 

  • “In 2008  the all powerful military censorship bureau told Burmese media that ‘the publication of any photo, article, novel or poem without being sent (in advance of the censor) will be punished.’ And they often are, with many journalists, BLOGGERS, and writers currently being bars.” (You’ll understand therefore if the next week is post-dated from the safely of Thailand!)
  • “Internet access in Myanmar depends on how the government is feeling. If there’s nothing bugging them you’ll find plenty of well equipped internet cafes, although the government tries to restrict hotmail and yahoo mail. Lots of places advertise Skype but don’t get your hopes up. All local email ending in mm is subject to government censorship in both directions, which can result in delays or when a backlog develops, being summarily deleted!”
  • “Forget ATM’s, Visa, Mastercard. All foreign banks decamped in 2003. Come with crisp, clean, uncreased USD bills. Even the most microscopic tear won’t be accepted. The currency (Kyat) has been, and is frequently demonized, with people’s savings wiped out at the whims of rulers.”

Fortune favours the brave however. Here’s one last famous one from Rudyward Kipling:

‘This is Burma and it is quite unlike any place you know about.”


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