Myanmar Airport

So in summary.

I’m keeping Yangon out of this as I don’t want it to mar my memories of what is otherwise an interesting and beautiful country.

Myanmar surpassed my expectations in that it’s much easier, much safer, and much friendlier (kind of) than from the outside looking in. Bagan especially, is one of the most stunning places I’ve ever been.

Thing is, everyone I know (all two/three of them) who have been here, claim it’s their favorite country. For me it’s nowhere near. Doesn’t even make my top 10. Actually it doesn’t even make the top 30.

Myanmar Round Up

Thumbs up to:

1)      The colours: Bright red tomatoes in huge baskets being shipped along the canals, purple skies, Bagan’s green fields.

2)      Women: If we wanted something doing ask a girl! From the Angle mercy at EverSky tours, to the women who found Jessica a bus ticket at 11pm at night, to our water bottle aid worker on the bus. The women of Myanmar are notably the most helpful, friendly, and motherly in the world.

3)      This is more a love to hate; the hilariously cringe MTV wannabe music videos that they played on the buses. Think Rebecca black but worse if that’s possible.  I’m going to try and U Tube a few and link them here. I sat through THE MOST cringe 90 min made for TV movie, in full Burmese but the acting was so Sunset Beach some things just shine through language barriers.  It involved a girl running over a dog, a dance routine, and then falling in love. Oscar worthy.

4)      Aloe Vera juice, and the nice apple toasties (who knew?)

Thumbs down to:

1)      The hard sell – The typical hard core harassment  that is distinctive to Thailand/India especially. One lady pinned us with butterfly broaches as ‘presents’ and effectively branded us as hers till we fought her off with her faux jade necklaces. The kids too have adopted an interesting – ‘I like your bracelets/pen/chocolate/water bottle- can I have it as present for my dying grandma?’ Which is one for the heartstrings and you have to admire their innovation.

2)      Internet access/state control. And with it inevitably everything that comes with Myanmar politics. Which i’ve taken the easy road and left out, it being much complex for here/I.

Where I stayed:

Joy Guesthouse, Nyaungshwe,
Pann Cherry Guesthouse, Nyaung U
Kumundara Hotel, New Bagan
The White Hotel, Yangon

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