Nuang U

We rolled from bus-gate straight to the nearest $5 guesthouse we could find. Nuang U is the backpacker bit of Bagan, but in low season there is little to report, apart from lush Indian food at ‘A little Taste of and an equally scrumptious breakfast at The Black Bamboo cafe. Oh and this.

I’ll pre-fix this by saying, although you know Myanmar is an oppressive military dictatorship, you don’t necessarily feel it, as a tourist here for 7 days at least. I bought a bloody Monopoly set in Inle markets for god’s sake, there are adverts for pens all over Yangon billboards – dull as that is, it’s not exactly the best strategy for stifling creativity is it. In other words, you start to think it’s not that bad. Then we discovered Myanmar internet.

Apart from taking a full 18 minutes to achieve the dizzying task of logging in and one single status change, I swear a message I sent somehow got deleted from my message feed. Big brother is watching? Apparently it’s not beyond the realms of paranoia for this to happen here. Believe me, the possibility alone and even the concept of stifling your thoughts/private FB messages, is such an insane one.

It could be worse though. After logging into her hotmail and therefore sharing her password/login with god knows who, poor Jessica managed to spam the whole world, well her colleagues, (she’s a teacher in Korea) dad, grandma with offers Viagra pills. We joke that someone might have it in for her; see’s currency carrying around 1984! After that we both decide to fall into line, a little, a both purchase Orwell’s Burmese Days from one of the stalls outside Shwe San Saw Paya pagoda.

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