Indian Embassy, Bangkok, Thailand

This is the last important visa that my trip hinges on, so I painstakingly planned my time in Thailand to fit around dates/processing times and generally all things Indian Visa. I get to the consulate at the crack of dawn after a Full Moon Party/ 17 hour bus to be told: a) The form I printed off is wrong they have changed it to online b) They no longer grant 6 month visas, only 3 month.  

Why does this not surprise me?

I reaaaallly don’t want to come back to Bangkok for the millionth time in January, so I huff and puff and turns out there is a little loophole. You can have an ‘interview’ with a consular officer who maybe sometimes grants 6 month ones if he feels like it. It’s worth a shot.

I return on Monday, in my most India looking outfit (long skirt/hippy jewellery/zen expression) having crammed on the bus back from Kanchan in Mark’s India themed quiz. All we really learnt is the Capital; New Delhi. Bet you thought it was Mumbai didn’t you. (I did.)

I get there at 9am. At 11am after lots of paper shuffling and staff shimmying around without any apparent real work to do, I’m ushered into room 104. Here sits an official looking dude in a uniform, reading a newspaper from behind his huge desk that he hardly glances up from. It goes a little something like this:

Me:  Sa-wad-i-ka (Thai hello/S’up) Although he’s Indian, don’t think he appreciate it, but we’re in Thailand aren’t we so I wasn’t sure.

Him: Silence for 5 mins. It was like being in an awkward meeting with Hugo. (Any ex Screen Yorkshire’s will dig that pain.) “Why do you want to go to India…?”

Me: “Holiday / Tourism”

Him: “What is your profession?”

Me: “Well, I used to….”

I got 10 seconds in and he glazed right over, violently hammered an approval stamp into my paperwork, cut me off, and told me “we’re done.”

Apparently that’s my cue to leave. Bizarre.

Fingers crossed I pick it up Friday…

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