Kanchanaburi, Thailand

I love this word. Kan-chan-a-buri. I’ve been saying it all week, so it’s kind of built up in our heads. I have to wait until Monday to go back to the Indian Embassy for an interview about my visa (next post,) so we can’t venture too far from Bangkok for the weekend. The plan was also to head North to Chiang Mai, but Thailand has been severely affected by flooding. The whole of the capital is on red alert with sandbags everywhere. It’s quite the drama. So 2 hours North West to Kanchanaburi it is for the weekend.

Here sits the Bridge on the River Kwai. A quick history lesson in two sentences: The Japanese ordered British/American prisoners of war to build it in 1942 in an attempt to strengthen the supply route from Thailand to Yangon (Burma). Thousands of people died through appalling conditions/disease therefore it is infamously known as the ‘Death Railway.’ Mark and I are as geeky as each other so thought it might be interesting. We downloaded the 1950’s film and everything.

To be honest, it’s one of those slight anticlimaxes. The original bridge was bombed before 1945, and although the one that stands there today nice and all, it’s a bridge – you know there are 10 more like it further up/down stream.

We stay long enough to take ‘oh no – we’re tied to the tracks and the train is coming’ pics. Childish and in-appropriate at a WW2 Monument, but we can’t be the first and won’t be the last I’m sure. Although bet we’re the first to include big Jesus the elephant.   

Plus the thought does cross my mind that if we walk too far we’d technically end up all the way back in Yangon. No thanks to that.

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