Koh Phi Phi & Maya Bay, Thailand

Everyone loves Koh Phi Phi. It’s got a fun party scene, pretty boutiques, white sandy shallow bay beaches, no roads. I’ve been here before, and island life is much the same – the fire shows still alight, the UV skipping rope still swinging;


Mark too was here for 10 days already in January so between us it feels nicely familiar. We’re all over our fave restaurants spots (Papaya/Cosmic/Banana rooftop cinema bar). We even stay in the same cute little pink bedroom at JJ October Guesthouse where I crashed with Jessie and Sara almost a year ago to the day. It’s $400 baht (8 gbp) a night and the sunset view from the 2nd floor balcony is priceless. My fave spot on the island.

We come here in part to meet back up with Matt (Phuket/Surfers) and even run back into Kaarina (Bangkok/Full Moon Party) so we have a nice little crowd to share a few buckets/podiums with. Ok, really we come here as I have harbored a year long obsession with Maya Bay, having been rained off last year.

Maya Bay is a long-boat ride away and was the location for the filming of ‘The Beach.’ The artistic license some of the touts have used copying and pasting Mr Dicaprio’s image onto posters is worth it alone and most entertaining.We were planning to camp over, but to be honest after the full moon party a night roughing it on a beach is most definitely one of those things that sounds waay better in your head. Instead we make a half day of it on Monkey Island,  snorkeling off the coast, and get to Maya for sunset. Just enough time for me to bug Mark to death re-enacting the bit where Leo falls face first into the camera.  Mark keeps shouting at me for his lack of directors credit as technically this  was his idea – he already has his clip on U Tube and I blatantly copied it but whatevs. It was my embarrassing idea to refuse to edit in the All Saints soundtrack later, and instead blast this out of my phone with the whole bay staring. Tell me this isn’t Oscar worthy.



Koh Samet, Thailand

A very special place indeed.  If not my new favorite Thai island.  Completely under the radar it’s a beautiful mix of Langkawi meets Railay. Beachfront bungalows, pink sunsets, reggae bars. Like, Like and Like.

How far do you have to go for all this…. only 2 hours bus from Bangkok, plus a 40 min ferry. All for a $350 round trip too ($7 gbp)

M and I spend our days so happily. We wake up late, we eat massaman curry and cakes, we play chess, we go for our little sunset jog up and down the beach as the sky turns pink/red. Five days absolutely fly by.

No really re: the jogging. Thought it worth repeating in case you’re in shock. It’s always been on my list of things to learn (well not so much learn, just do!). Annoyingly Mark’s a pro, like – runs marathons – pro, so we start project boot camp. I hate to admit it, but with a MP3 player (and some paradise scenery) he’s actually right, it’s slightly addictive.  I’m up to just under 2 miles. High five me.


An.an.tas.in : The Anantasin is the name of a shipwreck just of the coast of the Sensi Parasise, Mae Haad Bay, Koh Tao, Thailand. It’s one of my many favorite places.

Lit.tle: Just because it’s cute.

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