Shibuya & Harajuki, Tokyo, Japan

“Harajuku girls, you got the wicked style…” Yes, not just those little perfumes or lyrics off of Gwen Stefani, but a real life place too…

Is it right that i’m nearly 29 and have absolute raging fashion envy of every 14 year old girl in this city. Firstly the hair: I’m walking around with wild shakira curls quite possibly avec the remains of some Thai beach left in from last week. Everyone else here has beautiful sleek shiny STRAIGHT locks. Second. The clothes. Chunky knits, knee high socks and wedges, beenies, blouses, c ute vintage dresses. Bitches. I found 5 floors of heaven in a place called Shibuya 109, but had to make myself leave. I went outside to play in the road. Quite literally, at Shibuya crossing – the Times Square of Tokyo, where 4 junctions meet around a grid. 45,000 people people cross every 30 mins, and the busiest Starbucks in the world sits overlooking it.

*When googling the above fact I only went and hit upon this – love it.

One of the most well-known stories concerning Shibuya is the story of Hachikō, a dog who waited on his late master at Shibuya Station every day from 1923 to 1935, eventually becoming a national celebrity for his loyalty. A statue of Hachikō was built adjacent to the station, and the surrounding Hachikō Square is now the most popular meeting point in the area.
– Wikitravel

The fashion got progressively weirder as headed up to Takeshita Dori (a neon cartoon like shopping street that felt like a being inside a dream with lots of Haribo.) Goths – fair enough (although not really), you can find them in Frenchgate centre/Corn Exchange. But this is on another league. Teenage girls dressed as French maids (what is with that fetish. Stop it!) School Uniforms a la Britney Spears (stop that too!) My faves were two girls in bright yellow Pokemon playsuits. No reason.  The whole things made Lady Ga Ga look like she plays it safe.  The girls all seem to congregate around these photobooth arcades that from what I can gather make you look pretty. They are called ‘Miss Bambi’ and transport you to a backdrop of a world a bit like that Nintendo advert for Animal Crossing. I have absolutely no idea whether Tokyo all the wrongest thing I have ever seen or all very innocent. Apparently it’s ‘an outlet’ for Japan’s youth, and everyone goes home to the suburbs and transforms on the train back from their weekend alter egos. Intriguing.

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  1. Dani
    Nov 01, 2011 @ 09:21:05

    You should watch the movie about Hachiko (it’s got Richard Gere in) … Its on my list of never watch again though – Im warning you it’s very very very sad…. Xxxx


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