Chengdu Panda Breeding & Research Centre, Sichuan, China

The Giant Panda – yes this is what I travelled 37 hours for. Those off of looking cute/eating bamboo/being so lazy they can’t be bothered to have sex.  Silly bears.  Although we did see lots of them cuddle.

My panda friends Charlotte and Lucy (as in I met them on the way there, they are not in fact pandas), anyway, the three of us, were there a meer three hours and just took short of around 300 photos. What can we say, panda’s are cute. Baby panda are even cuter.

There are less than 1000ish of them left in the wild. They get confused when they run out of bamboo, they are too lazy to mate, 48% of the males are gay. (Not the last one. That joker of a boy Mark text me this as one of his panda ‘facts.’ I naively believed him and even dropped it info conversation at dinner which had everyone in stitches.) Anyway.  Nature is against the panda. Do them a favour and sponsor one already, they are so daft they need it.

In other news. I had the oddest experience in the famous He Ming Teahouse in the middle of The People’s Park. A man offered the ancient tradition of clearing the wax from my ears. Yes in broad daylight as people sipped their Jazmin and Lemon Twinings. Gross hey. To advertise this curious service he chimed a metal bar which vibrated on his mad scientist tools. But 2o yen (20p) why not. It was a little like Hannibal when he eats the guys brain. I exaggerate. It was actually just like a more elaborate cotton bud. I can hear the wailing Chinese synth music from miles around now.

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