Hangzhou, China

Or the place beginning with H as I’ve been calling it all week. Chinese place names are hard ok.

Andreas’s (Germany) off of – so many different cities you should know who by now. Since we have met in 7 different  places now, we decided to stop the round the world stalking and travel China together for a month before he heads home. Anyway, Hangzhou –  his idea. It’s only 45 mins on the bullet train from Shanghai. The bullet train, although more affordable than Japan’s, is still kind of over-rated. At the end of the day, it’s punctual and shiny, but it’s still just a train and apart from the speedometer in all the carriages bragging that it’s 399 km per hour, you can’t really tell how quickly you go.

Hangzhou is big on Chinese tourism. There’s  one long cute oldy-worldy street; Qinghefang Old Street, where we stay. It has nice temples, and the piece de resistance; the West Lake. A famous beauty spot shrouded in mist  and a pretty nice walk/cycle around. We did neither of these however, but we did east in a dead nice restaurant on the shore that serves lush sweet and sour garlic eggplant hotpot.

We have a fun 24 hours, the absolute lowlight of our lives being a Chinese massage. This was my suggestion and not one of my best. I do this every time. I’ve had a few Chinese massages before and end up feeling as though I have been in a fight. This was no different. Although it was delivered by the centre for the blind, so you cannot really complain either.  After half an hour of suffering in silence I look over at Andi to see tears in his eyes and his nails digging into the table in pain. So it’s not just me being a wimp. You live and learn. Till next time.

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