Somewhere in the South China Sea, Osaka to Shanghai, Japan & China

A 44 hour voyage on board the Su Zhoue Hao ferry. My bed for two nights; a wicker mat (and blanket/pillow) in a four bed ‘dorm.’ Q) And the price for this? A)22,000 yen too (£188)! The question on everyone’s lips: So why didn’t I just fly?! What can I say; I like to mix it up. Don’t say I’m not keeping it real.

Ironically they had loads of the fancy cabins empty too, as in low season the ship was at sailing at a fraction of its capacity. It’s hard to figure how they make a profit, unless there was priceless (or dodgy) cargo we didn’t know about. It was lovely for the novelty factor but a little like visiting a sad, out of season theme park. Atmosphere wise, it was a little like the Hull to Rotterdam P & O Ferry. Except instead of raucous stag do’s and slapper hens drinking WKD singing karaoke,  it was me an only half a dozen Japanese pensioners/under 5 year olds. Still with the karaoke (theirs not mine.) It had all the makings of an Agatha Christie, set on the orient, minus the murder. We had ‘Ms Knits a lot’ (in the space of two days I witnessed her whip up a fur-lined cardie from scratch.) We had ‘origami man’ (who entertained some stray kids by making paper cranes.) We had ‘Binoculars’ (a cute father-son duo constantly surveying the landscape). Yes I spent my time nicknaming everyone as this is obviously what people did before the internet/chargers for their laptops. I polished off the Danielle Steel novel that I mocked in 8 hours straight, basking in the sun top deck on day one. It was a long 24h after that, sailing right into the heart of The Bund – Shanghai’s centre. All in all it was more memorable than yet another runway, so it was worth it. Kind of.

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Connecting to %s : The Anantasin is the name of a shipwreck just of the coast of the Sensi Parasise, Mae Haad Bay, Koh Tao, Thailand. It’s one of my many favorite places.

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November 2011

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