Kampot & Kep, Cambodia

We decided to travel two hours along the coast to inject some culture back into our lives. In fact, we are all the way back almost to the Xa Xia/Prek Chak border. The island of Phu Quoc looms in the distance, where we all originally wanted to cross between countries. It belongs to Vietnam but is much closer to Cambodia. Incidentally there is apparently also a ‘Rabbit Island’ nearby. We don’t visit. Not that I could have taken the disappointment, what with all the recent misleading of animal islands (Unicorn, Monkey Island, and now Rabbit) all of them are yet to deliver on the wildlife front. It’s all a trick.

Anyway, a week ago and a half ago we all climbed Sam Mountain (Chau Doc, Vietnam) and stared out over Cambodia, and now it’s almost exactly the opposite view back as we climb Phnom Chhnork caves and look back over Vietnam.

Kampot is an odd little town, nothing really distinguishable. It’s meant to be full of French architecture and riverside views but must be having an off day as it’s not looking that attractive. You can hire a tuk tuk to visit the caves, which is nice dusty track through the Cambodian countryside. Unlike Sihanoukville’s little devils, the school kids all smile, wave, and yell ‘hello’ as we pass. Actually they yell ‘bonjour’ which amuses us, obvs we are looking French today. They act as eager little tour guides and lead us across the paddy fields and past water buffalo to the caves. Quite worryingly there’s a sign reading ‘area cleared of landmines,’ which my little girl claims to have cleared herself. Then cracks a smile and declares she’s joking. They are sweet and lend us their torches for a dollar so we can creep around the shrines in the caves. This would have been peaceful and a nice moment had my phone not decided it suddenly found the strength to push a week’s worth of messages to me, beeping every couple of seconds. Good old T mobile. They never have enough signal to make so much as a phone call in the UK, but travel to an underground cave in the middle of South East Cambodia and you are golden.

It’s half an hour further to Kep’s beach, although it’s so small and shabby it’s more of a bay. We stay long enough for lunch at the famous crab markets, where for $5 dollars a lady brings us four sizable red fellas and a pair of nutcrackers. Although we can’t get Sebastian from The Little Mermaid out of our heads, what can I say, they were absolutely delish.

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