Vientiane, Laos (Revisited)

Wow, there’s nothing like visiting the monstro-cities (ha ha see what I did there) that are Montevideo, Yangon and Rotorua, to make me appreciate Vientiane in a new light.

I once called Vientiane the ugliest capital city 

Upon second visit, I take it all back! It’s actually quite lovely. I’m writing this at the crack of dawn from the Scandinavian Bakery, in the Num Phu square, and the streets surrounding might as well be France, all lined with wine bars and Parisian looking cafes. This was all here last time, so I’m not sure what my problem was! I even gazed affectionately at Patuxai  in the freezing cold 6am dawn (the Arc de Triomphe replica) as I tuk tuked past it from the sleeper bus station into the city.

A word on the sleeper bus. Never before have I seen anything like it. It was like being inside of one of those extra tacky limos you can hire for chavy hen nights/6th form proms.  Completely horizontal beds. Wait, it gets more pimp-tastic; Double beds. Love thy neighbour indeed. Personal space knows no bounds here! We figured it’s a money making ploy to encourage you to buy the other half out of protest. Crafty.

A couple of us meandered to the night market which was full of Thailand fashion imports at (higher) Lao prices. And i’d like to say I ‘ran’, but my running is also like meandering, along the Mekong bank Boulevard at sunset. It felt nice too that certain restaurants/places looked familiar from a year ago. But let’s face it, warmed to it as I am, there is still absolutely nothing to do here for longer than 24h.

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