Iloilo to Palawan, via The Cuyo Islands

Ahoy there. Thank god. If I even decide to get on a boat again rather than fly to save $10, someone have a serious word with me. A sailor’s life is not for me.

Our vessel: The Millagrosa, made the Osaka to Shanghai ferry look like the amazing quarters where Rose lived, and our ‘economy’ tickets the bit where Leo’s took her for some pash in the car, i.e steerage.

There were 50 bunk beds per deck, consisting of blue mattresses splattered attractively with seagull poo, and no bedding. You were allowed to wander between the three decks of no distinguishable class. We thought there might at least be a karaoke room, but no such luck. Just Filipinos blasting out their mobile phone playlists at 6am for a sing-along with Jessie J and Bruno Mars half hour. You had to laugh.

For the most part the whole thing reminded me of an olden day hospital ship with black flags raised to warn off against the malaria or the plague. Namely as Nikita and I were feeling sick as dogs and spent most of our 37h sleeping. Well sleeping on and off between dreams of tornadoes and capsizing. The boat that rocked is an understatement. The Philippines nautical safety records are stats I’m dying to google, but perhaps not whilst im here. Boats capsize and fatalities caused almost on a monthly basis. It rarely makes the news.

That said it wasn’t all bad. We made a 7 hour stop in the Cuyo Islands to refuel, which meant a welcomed break watching kite surfers on a windswept beach. Is it bad that highlight of our trip was smugly telling the only other tourists on board, a Scottish couple, that this Cuyo pit stop was not in fact Palawan. They had all their bags ready, happily skipping off the gangplank, when we broke it to them that they had another 24 to go. Cruel but oh so funny.

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