Colaba & Fort Area, Mumbai, India

This city of 13 million just got one more….Mark’s back! (Ireland, Surfers Paradise, Thailand.) So not only did the next three months just got more fun and lovely, but also the madness halved.

I quite liking the lists at the moment, so here are more oddities from the past three days now ive moved from Andheri into the heart of the city.

  • You buy a snack, you eat it, you hold the litter in your hand for as long as it takes you to find a dustbin? Not here. Here you get the kind offer of Mumbai’s residents to snatch litter out of your hand and hurl it onto the streets/out of the first available train window for you. And then nod pleased that they have done you a massive favour. I know it’s India but I just can’t do it! Bin it!
  • I fall hook line and sinker for the savvy little street girl looking filthy. She strategically placed outside McDonald’s, looking beautiful underneath the dirt, and holding an equally cute puppy with a faux diamond collar. I know I shouldn’t, but she asks so nicely. I buy her (and 5 of her mates) 15 rupee icecream cones. To then be complained to that they wanted chocolate dipped ones. Cheeky sods. Only original puppy girl says thank you.
  • Oh, and I buy what’s probably one of the oddest gifts of all time when I see a man stationed on Mahatma Ghandhi Road with the bold claim that “he can paint anything on a grain of rice.” It’s true. It takes 10 mins, he doesn’t even use a magnifying glass, and you get your own personalised message in a vile shaped key ring. As in vile of liquid not vile disgusting. It’s xmas presents 2012 sorted.

In terms of what else we squeezed in, Jenny (UK) Hannah & Tabea (Germany) and I visited the Leopold Café and Taj Mahal Hotel, then remember they were two of the sites of the 2010 terrorist shootings.  Also Elephanta Islands, a 30 min boat across the harbor famed for it’s stone temples and carvings. Which was d.u. double LL, dull. But as I’ve said before, I never learnt to steer clear of the ‘C’ word; Cave.

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