New Delhi, India

A more pleasant version of Mumbai, Delhi at least throws in the occasional tree-lined boulevard, roof top bar and urban park into its snarling streets. We stay in the Main Bazaar, a maze of market alleys that look like 1960’s hippies have thrown up all over them. Every other stall sells tie-dye paraphernalia, genie pants and silk scarves. Eight days here, and I’m already starting to lose my mind and toy with the idea of wearing this nonsense. I think it all gets you in the end.

Drama of the day was not in fact the expected one. This being yet another one of my regular trips to various round the world embassies. Turns out, when it’s your own they are actually nice to you. Especially when you are paying them £200 for a new UK passport. Mine is full! For the next 4 weeks I’m at large with no official proof of my citizenship. We’ll see how that one works out.

Anyway, drama of the day was the simple task of finding a nice park to sit in. The previous two days we’d hit upon the lovely Connaught Place, a posh bit in the centre of the city lined with frozen yoghurt shops, chain restaurants’, and nice grassy patches near some fountains. Except like everything else in Delhi, it closes on Monday. This led us to the misleadingly cutely named ‘Old Town’ and some inferior park across from Old Delhi Rail Station. We had to search for 20 mins to find an entrance then thought we were in luck when we saw an old man unlocking a gate. We gesture inside, he looks at us oddly but waves us in. Great we think. Not seeing him locks us in with a huge chain across the wrought iron gates behind us?! It turns out the ‘park’ has seen better days. It’s full of homeless people, and packs of stray dogs. Mark jokes that it’s like being locked in a tiger enclosure at the zoo, but for me that might be preferable to angry mangy rabid mutts! I throw a bit of a wobbler. We try and get out of there, and stand pressed up against the locked gate, much to the amusement of locals who are now viewing us like exotic zoo animals. Weirdest of all, after 10 mins of us all-but shouting for help and asking for keys, the original gatekeeper rocks back up, and looks at us like we need telling off (he let us in there?!) He points to the floor on our side of the enclosure, where he has seemingly tossed the keys. They might have been there all along? We are confused little zoo animals and practically run through the now open gate to freedom. We hide in the safety of our nice Nepalese rooftop restaurant for the rest of the day.

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