Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Lots of cities manage to make a lake look beautiful. Hangzhou manages it. Huacachina manages it. Even Hanoi manages it. Yet Udaipur….doesn’t quite.

Udaipur and it’s lake is famed for being the setting where Roger Moore defeated some baddies in Octopussy, a film which is shown in every restaurant nightly, possibly since the 1970s.

Our first mission here was to recover from the horrific 14h night bus. It was much like being on an insane runaway train. These rickety old ‘deluxe’ contraptions have horizontal bed cages welded onto the upper deck and are fitted with sliding glass windows into a kind of private capsule fitted with a double bed. This is an odd temptation for a country where men and women hand holding in the street is considered taboo.  It would take a real stretch of anyone’s imagination however to think ‘romance’ here. Dust flies off the suede, never-been-washed mattress making the whole thing like being inside a giant manky glass snow globe. It’s funny for the novelty, which lasts approx 3 mins or so, until the driver starts to hurtle along the unsealed roads at 100km per hour. The only thing scarier than the image of toppling at every corner is the story I heard from a Spanish girl we met, whose window had actually shattered inwards into her in the night and covered her in little shards of glass.

Hopefully you can understand then why our Udaipur activities where kept to low adrenalin. We managed to find a nice tranquil spot to play chess by the lake’s edge overlooking Jagniwas Island, where locals hand wrung their clothes on the steps. And as if that wasn’t twee enough, we also took an Indian cookery class.

It wasn’t quite as hands on or scrumptious as cooking in Chiang Mai, but then how you do beat 7 courses of Thai food. That’s right, you don’t! And to be fair a nice lady called Nonna did most of the work, whilst Mark and I scribbled recipes and silly notes like we were in a home economics class, one on an exotic rooftop. We did however make our own Chapatti’s and Samosa’s which involve folding dough at odd angles and masters in origami. Except, both are exhibits a) and b) in the next somewhat predictable saga….

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