Alleppey, Kerala, India

If you come looking for Kerala’s famous backwaters, Alleppey is where it’s at.  It sounds pretty old age pensioner; to hire a canal boat and doze along India’s miles of waterways, but it’s actually one of the highlights of the whole country. Ironically the attraction being that you don’t for a second feel like you are in India.

To select the your all important vessel you first have to head to the jetty where they all live and make like Phil & Kirsty in Location Location, i.e. hop on and off handfuls of boats like you are weighing up property decisions. The boats are pretty much all the same give or take a few luxuries like plasma TV’s and upper deck sun loungers. They all have private cabin bedrooms, surprisingly spotless bathrooms, and cute hangout lounges cased in wicker, that make them all look like giant wasp nests on water. They range in price from 3700RS (£50) up to 7000RS (£100) for a night, but in a rather Hollywood A list way you get to charter the whole thing, including a driver and chef, to yourselves. Extravagant much. Although it’s tempting to go all Puff Daddy and snap up the most giant and pimpalicious crib, the mini houseboats can cruise down the smaller more remote canals, meaning that you get to see more of the countryside and village life. The sailing itself is only about 50km, and the rest is spent anchored on board our great ship Bhagya Lakshmi, looking at the stars all evening in the hazy heat. Everyone seems to agree, it’s pricy but definitely well worth it.

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