Anjuna, Central Goa, India

And wishing for a silent disco I was after arriving here; trance music hell. Yep like off of acid/the early 90’s. Now the whole of state of Goa is pretty much filled with lost souls who still think trance, henna and tie-dye are acceptable, but Anjuna is the epicenter of all this. It’s scruffy beach is down a 5 min walk through a cliff edge village where nightly trance parties and “full moon parties” are held. It’s nowhere in the same league as Thailand’s. The demographic being aged 40 – 60 plus, dressed in outfits that I’ll describe as ‘slutty cavewomen chic’; all lycra cowboy waistcoats and shredded miniskirts with biker boots. No word of a lie. No plausible explanation of it either.

Don’t get me wrong, we have a few Bacardi Breezers one Thursday night (I told you, it’s 1998 here) and we try to get involved. Not with the outfits, just the music. Turns out all you need to do to blend in with trance dancing is to exaggerate any normal dance move ten fold, look completely off your face, and dance by on your lonesome for hours. We last about 20 mins before we go looking for some R & B.

We do however have safety in numbers, not to mention posh friends with a pool as we spend the week with my friend Rachel (off of Aldeney Yanapay Peru) and her friends Jen & Anne-marie who are all here in holiday. I’m all about a reunion.

The bit Anjuna does have going for it is its famous Wednesday and Saturday Night Markets. Someone has really thought this through by even adding a load of food stalls/sports bars where you can drop off your boyfriend like a man creche.We leave Mark watching the Liverpool match, and pick him up after an hour or so where he’s happily entertaining himself at a magic stall with all the rest of the Indian 10 year olds. In the meantime we 5 girls have filled our boots with bangles, scarves, colored lanterns, and a load of alternative medicines from a local witch doctor. He takes your pulse and within 10 seconds has diagnosed a concoction of ground up herbs for any/every ailment. If I drop dead in a month, at least now you know why.

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