Margao, Central Goa, India

Margao – or Madagon as its also known, as everywhere has two names around here, is home to Goa’s main train station. Hence the stopover before we board the 26h Rajdhani Express back to Delhi.

If I tell you the highlights were spending the afternoon successfully miming the word ‘2mm screw’ in a handful of hardware stores (for my laptop which is on its last legs) then you will see why there’s really not much blog fodder. It has a pretty cute municipal garden with a nearby bakery that sells delish moose-cake and plays Enrique Iglesias on a loop. Except for that, we came, we ate, we slept.

Notably the return journey was not the normal adventure we have come to know and love from Indian trains. Namely as we poshed it up in AC3 class as Air-con tickets were the only ones left. Ok they bring you luxuries like bedding and three meals a day, but in all honesty the freezing temperatures just confused us, and the meals of dhal and dodgy raita were awful. It’s mucky, but give me the open windows and food roulette of sleeper class any day.

Finally, we spent our last 48 in India back in Delhi picking up my passport and doing our last bit of India type nonsense; buying tat bangles, homeopathic remedies, and a spot of palm reading. Receiving not giving. Then all aboard one last final sleeper express to Gorakhpur Junction, back in the North East near Varansasi, to complete our India loop and head overland to Nepal. 7 weeks, feels like flash and a lifetime both at once.

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