Heads Shoulders Pins&Needles: Chinese Acupuncture

Note to self, I should really Wiki things before I set off on these little adventures. It’s similar to my visit to the chiropractor last month – I vaguely know what these people do, but not really.

So, I’m sauntering near Eu Tong Sen Street on my way to Central food basement when I hit upon Qi Fang Chinese Acupuncture Clinic. It’s $15 for consultation & $25 – 35 for treatment. Besides, it’s way nicer than the ones I checked out in Chinatown’s People’s Park Centre.

The nice, female, DR Hoh takes my bloody pressure, asks what the problem is (shoulder pain) & then makes me stick out my tongue.

She then takes me to lay face down in small cubicle, and flawlessly & ruthlessly begins stabbing needles into my spine. Having mini needles prick into you
whilst laying still makes you feel like a paralysed spiky hedgehog that’s been hit by a car. It’s a little narcissistic but the pain is actually addictive. It’s like scuba diving, the sensation feels wrong but perversely it’s quite calming.

Dr Hoh is obviously pleased with my talents as a pin cushion as she continues past my lower back and with a flourish plants one in the back of my knee. Now this does actually spark a yelp.

Then she goes and grabs 4 ‘special’ needles (which I’m interpreting with my face down as meaning HUGE) to jab into the base of my  skull. The fact that she warns me to “hold my breathe’ is a slight indicator that she upped the ante. Now I wont lie, these last couple did sting, but after the whole thing was done it felt like someone had drained the pressure from my bones.

No pain, no gain right?!

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  1. Edna
    Nov 19, 2012 @ 08:27:40

    My fiance’s been thinking about getting acupuncture done, I might give him the address of this place!


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