Singapore Night Safari

Name-checked by travelers, blogs, TripAdvisor (and now me) let’s talk about Singapore’s #33 best tourist attraction: The Night Safari.

Whichever side of the fence you sit on with the whole ‘Zoo’ issue, The Night Safari is famed for the fact it has no cages or enclosures. If I were an endangered panda I’d certainly want to live here. In terms of zoo prestige, Singapore is the Ivy leagues.

Getting here is quite an expedition, for such a small island. From urban jungle to rainforest jungle takes about 40 – 50 mins via MRT/Taxi. At one point we were worried we’d accidentally driven to Malaysia.

The zoo opens nightly from 7pm – midnight, and tickets are quite reasonable at $32. If you go completely wildlife crazy & make a week of it, you can buy a combined ticket for Jurong Bird Park as well.

Now, one of my fave aspect to any kind of sight-seeing is the addition of a miniature train. Who wants to walk through bat caves & jungle trails when there’s a nice train that takes you around the 40 min circuit.

You have your elephants, hippos, zebras – all the classics. But there are a fair few ‘filler’ animals too. You know the ones –  deers, goats, some fancy cow-like creatures. The pink flamingos look particularly beautiful lit up by moonlight on the reservoir. There’s also a few hansom wolves that definitely look more mysterious by night.

I’m not sure what I expected; giraffes in their pajamas maybe? But it turns out most animals spend their evenings, much like they do in daylight hours. If you’ve got kids it probably feels a bit more fun, dangerous or magical by night. Sophia, Annika and I had a great time, but unless you’re a world-class photographer (flash photography is banned) your shots all come out like this!

 (It’s a baby wallaby!)


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