Pick of the Brunch: Dempsey Hill

Singapore seems to love a refurbished British Army Barrack.  With the lick of pastel paints & some landscape gardening, what is it about a place of military discipline that transforms it into a  cultural zen hotspot for galleries & fine dining. Welcome to Dempsey Hill, Tanglin Village. Home to the ‘in-crowd’ of Sunday Brunch.

5 places to see and be seen….

1)      Jones the Grocer. Posh Ozzy deli with it’s very own cheese room. I repeat; Cheese Room. Gourmet Heaven.

2)      Roadhouse. A chilled out rustic spot to grab a hot-chocolate and browse the  fashion mags.

3)      Woody Antique House – Packed with beautiful carved Burmese Teak Wood dressers, Marrakesh style wardrobes & opulent stone Buddha garden furniture . Price tags at $500+ but we can but dream.

4)       Redsea Gallery. Qwerky pieces from Christian Parlmer & quotes from Salvador Dali line the walls; “Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings…”

5)      Beauty Emporium @ House. Home to Strip/Browhaus should the urge to get waxed/plucked/threaded take you. They also have a whole area to play with essential oils and mix your own personalisd blends of body scrub. A little self indulent maybe, but that what Dempsey is all about.

Getting there: Bus 174 runs from MICA Building Clarke Quay to Dempsey Club House, Holland Road, 30 mins.

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