Ifly Singapore

Come Fly With MeHow’s this for the last thing you think when you hear ‘work xmas party’…. The words: ‘Indoor Skydive!’ Well thanks to living in the playpen of fun that is Singapore, these childlike activities can be had every day of the week. It’s a nice twist on xmas drinks at least.

Ifly Singapore  is the world’s largest themed wind tunnel for body flying. Here comes the marketing blurb; ‘Spanning 16.5 feet wide and 56.5 feet tall, it is the only wind tunnel with an 18 feet tall acrylic glass wall.’

This means the coolest part is that you ‘fly’ looking out over the beach-front  & South China Sea. Although of course the price you pay is that the whole of Sentosa can also see you. Be warned this is not for the bashful. Flying is definitely a spectator sport.

The clever part is, there’s actually no jumping or falling. Just as well as it’s a 5 story wind shaft. Unlike bungee or skydiving no one has to face the embarrassment of being THAT guy clinging to a bridge/airplane seat  whist backing out in terror. The only ‘falling’ you do is that of your own body height, by leaning into the cylinder and floating UP. If done right it’s almost graceful. Graceful in a geeky red onesy suit, earplugs and googles.

Our group  was a mix of 6 – 40 year olds, all shapes and sizes, all of us first time flyers.  You are first taken for ‘training’ which the website claims is an hour (snooze!) but it’s actually much shorter with a 10 min video & a lesson on the basic hand signals. They’ve really tried to make the whole thing atmospheric – the roar of airplane engines blast overhead to get you in the mood. It’s a little theme park-esq but good fun.The instructors are all super clued up, friendly, and not too serious. They get the chance to show off their advanced skills in our break, doing spins, wall ricochets, and upside-downies which look like a well choreographed scene from The Matrix or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. You’d think it’s easy (afterall, technically it’s just floating!)but it takes years to get this good.

As rookies we only have two jumps at 45 seconds each which pass in a flash. The trick of course is to relax,  as much as you can whilst spreading your weight evenly and adopting the obligatory superhero pose. The instructors are fantastic at making sure you neither sink, flip or float away. You’d be surprised how easily – with the lift of your head – you can be rattling around like ice in blender. It’s all controlled by a guy blasting the wind factor, meaning that if you’re stable enough on round 2, the instructors ‘fly ‘you up a few more metres. Adrenalin fueled as it sounds, at times it’s almost calming, a little like the sensation of deep-sea diving.

All in all the scariest part is seeing your own silly expressions from the G- force on your cheeks in the live photographs that beam out on the public displays. But it’s all in the name of fun. Who wants to fly in secret anyway. 

Prices start at $89 (adult, 2 skydives.) Discount available for groups, children, students, off-peak. Location: Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island, Singapore

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