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Every Saturday and Sunday at 40 Glebe Point Rd  Glebe NSW 2037

Australian Working Holiday Visa

IMG_3095Setting yourself up to live & work down under could not be easier. And it’s not just for gap year students, or fruit pickers, grown ups (ahem 30 yr olds!) can still play too. Here’s the do-it-yourself guide.

1) Visas
Working Holiday Visa are open to citizens of 19 different nationalities aged 18 – 30, from 12 – 24 months. For all the official blurb click here

3 Tips: #1 Be ready to pay the $365 when you apply. #2 You can apply right up until the day before you 31st birthday, and enter up until your 32nd.  #3 If you’re lucky the approval email can come back in less than 40mins!

 2) Flights

If you’re flying from Europe, first fly to Asia in a separate flight (approx $450 GBP.) Then use Scoot Air, Tiger, or AirAsia to Australia ($100 GBP.) You can save at least $600 GBP!

3) Tax File Number

You have 28 days from when you start work.  Don’t be afraid. Apply online. It takes 15 mins. It saves you a year of emergency tax. No brainer.

4) Bank Account

Commonwealth Bank offers spectacularly easy to open accounts to WHV travelers. There’s no need for utility bills to prove an address, all you need is a passport and your visa email. You don’t even need to pay in a penny, it’s free for 6 months, then $4 per month after that, if you have $2k a month coming in, it’s free forever.

5) Jobs

For a one-stop-shop of casual and professional jobs use

For professional jobs see my previous post for general advice about blagging jobs abroad. For professional marketing/creative jobs in Sydney here are the best recruiters: Firebrand, S2M, Iknowho, Stopgap, and of course Linked In.

6) Apartments

Australia generally advertises per week rather than per month, so do your math! Check out: AirBnB, Easyroommate, FlatmateFinders.

It’s never as daunting as you think :)

Pic of the week: Sydney Harbour Bridge

"A Ship In the harbour is safe. But that's not what ships are built for..." William Shedd

“A ship in the harbour is safe,  but that’s not what ships are built for…” William Shedd

100 things I love about you…Singapore

I always have and always will ADORE this city! Here’s 100 reasons why it’s been an awesome home for the last 7 months. There are easily a million more….

1# Botero’s Bird (The fat pigeon)
2# Dressing to impress
3# OK Laa, Can Laa, Cannot Laa
4# Kai Kai & Jia Jia
5# Any excuse for a National Holiday
6# Epic 4am  thunderstorms over the UOB & Maybank skyscrapers
7# The kaleidoscope windows of the MICA building
8# Chambord & Raspberry Xmas cocktails
9# The Fearn & Kiwi’s chocolate cheesecake
10# The mystery of what’s really in a Prince of Wales Jamjar
11# No shame in wearing shades on the MRT
12# The fact that ShahAlam never closes
13# The fact that Express Mart Boat Quay sells Hooch & Nerds
14# The panic that ensures when ex-pats smell or taste Duriun
15# Metered Taxis
16# Immaculate signposts that never let you down
17# The spice garden & the little swing chairs in Fort Canning Park
18# Outdoor cinema screenings in 11pm evening heat
19# SevenEleven mash potato & gravy tubs
20# Changhi Airport’s sunflower garden
21# Top up cards being named Happy Stars
22# Hot magazine
23# La Picolino Lau Pau Sat knowing my usual potato gnocchi order
24# Maad Friday at Red Dot
25# Air con vents giving you momentary ‘music video’ hair
26# Fusion Hub and their lay down hairdresser sinks
27# Mani Pedi on every corner
28# Tanjong Pagar Old Railway Station
29# The bon voyage/welcome messages in the express lane Woodlands border
30# Palau Ubun
31# Creatures of the night show
32# The free miniature train to Siolo Beach Sentosa
33# The staff who always wave at Universal Studio’s sky train stop
34# The street busker and graffiti under South Bridge Road
35# Tiong Bahru bakery’s croissants on Saturday morning
36# Potato Depot at Raffles City basement food court
37# Comedy Masala at Home Club & Fight Comic at Blue Jazz
38# John White’s Guest-list
39# Ku De Ta’s V.V.I.P area
40# Avalon’s 5 free drinks on Weds Ladies Night
41# Exchange Alley
42# Viva Mexico at Holland Village
43# Mogumbos Bell!
44# Gangnam Style
45# Helipad Party
46# McDonald’s Prosperity Pineapples Pies
47# Pirate Bay
48# The restaurant on top of the Mustafa Centre
49# Living in one of the  safest cities in the world
50# Including ++
51# Nat Geo Store Vivo City
52# Orchard Road Xmas Lights
53# F1 Weekend
54# Gillman Barracks
55# Colin’s Tuesday night pub quiz
56# Bintan Island
57# How they make those Chinese pancakes things at Bugis market
58# Screening Room roof terrace
59# Poker straight hair (everyone else’s, not mine)
60# Only ever waiting 6 mins on the MRT
61# 100 Plus running club
62# Gallop stables
63# $2 discounts with your employment pass at the Art & Science Museum
64# Acoustic music any night of the week
65# The cobblers at Chinatown night market
66# Smiths battered mars bars
67# Freeflow
68# POW Little India Sunday sessions
69# Breadtalk’s red berry fruit pastries
70# The way Joo Koon is really pronounced
71# Salmon on turkish bread at The Muffinry
72# The opening of Telok Ayer MTR
73# OMG High and Mighty’s move to Haji Lane
74# The 4th floor of Scape
75# Evolve gym and glass fronted eye candy windows
76# Monday night zumba at Waterloo Centre with Gonzaga
77# THAT view of the marina skyscrapers on ECP flyover bus back from KL
78# The Changi runway bike track at East Coast Park
79# Top floor of Orchard Towers
80# Kickapoo
81# Chinese shophouse windows of Duxton Hill
82# Bar Stories Haji Lane
83# Hungry Hundred book club
84# The mysterious smell of baking raspberries in a morning in Far East Square
85# Cuba Libra’s house band
86# Sunrise over the Asian Civilizations Museum every morning
87# Emerald Garden pool on a 6pm Friday
88# Imposter Jessica
89# Mike’s Into The Wild set on a Wednesday
90# For Flees Sake
91# The only way is Singapore facebook group
92# The views from Merlion Park
93# Adventure Cove & Cat 1’s
94# St Patrick’s Day
95# Rainbow shots
96# Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe
97# Jalan Besar 50m Public Pool for $1.30
98# Fizel’s seabass & rosemary potatos
99# Be my winding wheel / wagon wheel
100# Every single one of my POW family

xoxo : The Anantasin is the name of a shipwreck just of the coast of the Sensi Parasise, Mae Haad Bay, Koh Tao, Thailand. It’s one of my many favorite places.

Lit.tle: Just because it’s cute.

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