Australian Working Holiday Visa

IMG_3095Setting yourself up to live & work down under could not be easier. And it’s not just for gap year students, or fruit pickers, grown ups (ahem 30 yr olds!) can still play too. Here’s the do-it-yourself guide.

1) Visas
Working Holiday Visa are open to citizens of 19 different nationalities aged 18 – 30, from 12 – 24 months. For all the official blurb click here

3 Tips: #1 Be ready to pay the $365 when you apply. #2 You can apply right up until the day before you 31st birthday, and enter up until your 32nd.  #3 If you’re lucky the approval email can come back in less than 40mins!

 2) Flights

If you’re flying from Europe, first fly to Asia in a separate flight (approx $450 GBP.) Then use Scoot Air, Tiger, or AirAsia to Australia ($100 GBP.) You can save at least $600 GBP!

3) Tax File Number

You have 28 days from when you start work.  Don’t be afraid. Apply online. It takes 15 mins. It saves you a year of emergency tax. No brainer.

4) Bank Account

Commonwealth Bank offers spectacularly easy to open accounts to WHV travelers. There’s no need for utility bills to prove an address, all you need is a passport and your visa email. You don’t even need to pay in a penny, it’s free for 6 months, then $4 per month after that, if you have $2k a month coming in, it’s free forever.

5) Jobs

For a one-stop-shop of casual and professional jobs use

For professional jobs see my previous post for general advice about blagging jobs abroad. For professional marketing/creative jobs in Sydney here are the best recruiters: Firebrand, S2M, Iknowho, Stopgap, and of course Linked In.

6) Apartments

Australia generally advertises per week rather than per month, so do your math! Check out: AirBnB, Easyroommate, FlatmateFinders.

It’s never as daunting as you think :)

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