6 spots to be a Sydney Hipster

IMG_33531) Foveaux Street, Surry Hills

Warehouse clubs that look like squats, girls with charity shop knits as matted as their hair, boys with ‘ironic’ briefcases…. Yes it’s London Dickheads, in the sun. The cute vintage shops on Crown Street and ghetto chic bars on Goulburn Street are worth checking out. Just don’t forget your faux rimmed glasses.

2) New Town
A mini version of Camden London.  Kings Road is a nice 1 hour wander, alternating arty design stores & niche magazine bookstores. For directions, follow the smell of vintage boutiques straight off the train platform.

IMG_33523) Balmain
A 20 min ride to from the city, there are a couple of nice pubs like The Exchange on Beattie Street. We made the visit on ANZAC day, but I’m pretty sure the vibe is just as good year round.

4) Shady Pines Saloon
Sign-less and hidden down a mystical alley in Darlinghurst a little like platform 9 and ¾, this is one of Sydney’s more ‘famous/secret’ underground bars. Although technically not as they have a website!  The decor is moose head 19th century America, the bar is menu-less, the bowls of macadamia nuts are free!

IMG_33575) Glebe
Hippy-ville turned yuppie-ville, Glebe is the closest of the inner-west suburbs to the city. Go on Saturday for the previously mentioned flee markets, and take the 10 min stroll down leafy Glebe Point Road to ooh and ahh at the cute matchbox houses and barista cafés.

6) ??? (Somewhere so hip it’s already yesterday’s pop up party/club/store)

Of course the flaw here is that if it’s blogged about. It’s already soo passé….

“How do hipsters take their coffee…. Before it’s already cool” :)

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