Coriander Leaf Cookery School

20130531_143428Hidden on a first floor Clarke Quay shop-house nestled  between Attica and Indochine, sits the Kitchen of dreams!

Coriander leaf offer neat little 4 hour cookery classes. The whole vibe perfectly balances the a) the desire to embody Nigella Lawson in a relaxed, cosy, homely kitchen and b) the competitiveness of Celebrity Masterchef.

There’s space enough for 8 – 10 guests, 3 chef tutors, and (the best bit) the kitchen fairies that whisk away your dirty bowls and magically do the washing up. The chef’s guide you, encourage you, mingle yet let you pimp your own recipes &  get creative. They also let you play with the gadgets and go all QVC Shopping Channel with samurai  sharp graters. Never has pealing a radish been more fun!

Our menu was Pan Asian featuring: Vietnamese rice rolls, peanut dipping sauce &  filo pastry wrapped bananas. There’s an atlas of menus to choose from: Mediterranean, Moroccan, South Asian, Indian, Thai, Singapore Classics and more.

They keep a nice competitive edge to format by pitting teams of 2 against another and getting you to ‘present’ your masterpieces at the end of the afternoon. They even give awards for their ‘best chef’ / ‘don’t quit your day job chef’ and everyone’s favorite; ‘potential serial killer!’ They cap this last one-off with the fact… Apparently the most common trait in convicted serial killers is they all stem from the food industry! Something to think about! :)

Price: Singapore cookery schools are pricy. If you’re on a budget and travelling around the rest of Asia, maybe hold out for Chiang Mai or Siem Reap or India for some lovely cheaper alternatives. If you have your heart set on Singapore however, at $120++  Coriander Leaf is one of the best.


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