Balnarring, Victoria…

I came here with a stash of craft supplies. In the 3 days prior to Christmas I had imagined painting shells and foreging for twigs and twineing them into star decorations to hang on a Eucalyptus tree. None of this happened, but at least the embroidery did.

Here’s some things that ‘kept me growing’ this year:

Going to bed sober, surrounded by fresh air and the sound of the sea.

Eating only what we want for Christmas day lunch. The adults had mango and prawn salad, the kids had sushi and eggs sunny side up. Zero excess fills my bucket.

The moment when you paddle a SUP out just far enough off the shore and the cold surf doesn’t spray you, and you can’t hear the kids anymore. That’s a peaceful place.

Here’s to making your own traditions.

The town now known as Balnarring is the ancestral land of the Boon Wurrung peoples. I pay my respect to aborigional elders past, present and emerging.

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Lit.tle: Because my travels started out just little old me.

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December 2021

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