Travel with an 8 month old baby…

One of my favorite pictures. 8 months old, 30 degree heat, first holiday and she's happily asleep on a loud, choppy speedboat traveling to the islands from Belize city...

One of my favorite pictures. Our 8 month old daughter fast asleep on the back of a loud, choppy speedboat traveling to the islands from Belize city.

‘You’re traveling to Central America and Asia with an 8 month old?’ ‘You’re traveling by bus overland across the Mexico Chetumal border?’ ‘You’re taking a baby away for 6 weeks?’ were all questions people asked even more than ‘You’re eloping in Belize?!’

To anyone that knows us (my visit list is up to 65 countries now, hubby’s 35) the answer was ‘of course we are – our 8 month old will love it!’ And she did.

Our route was AustraliaLA – Belize – Mexico – UK – Singapore – Australia. 45 days, 8 different beds in 5 countries, 52 hours of flights, hundreds of new faces and experiences.

I’ve honestly never seen her more curious, more happy, or more adaptable. What surprised me the most is how natural it comes to them. She got more sleep on our long haul flights & dealt with jet-lag quicker than both of us! Watching her dip her toes in the Caribbean, charm Singaporean strangers on the MRT and scoff Mexican tacos till her heart is content was utterly worth it.

We found 6 weeks away with a baby a crazy, exhausting adventure, but most of all a huge bonding experience. Our daughter relished having both mum & dad (and grandparents) around her, as well as the overwhelming kindness of doting strangers. Everyone loves a baby. I’d of had one long ago if I knew how useful they are for nabbing the best seats on buses and cutting boat queues :)

There’s so much written about the negatives of travel with children, about baby routines, about jet-lag adjustment schedules etc. People often stress about whether such young babies will miss home or feel secure.

Before we left a friend gave me the following advice, which I absolutely love (in the context of travel and just motherhood in general); “You are their home. You are their safe place. Make all the lists you want of tips, advice, things to pack. All they really need is you. “

Beautiful. Simple. True.


Pic of the week; Singapore Stopover

A short and sweet 5 days in my favorite to show our baby where mum and dad first met 2 years ago. Well, that and to break up the marathon Australia flight in Asia and take the edge off the jetlag. And to show off the baby with our remaining friends over a boozy brunch at Cafe Melba. AND because we love a (third!) round the world trip…Ok, any excuse to revisit this city :)

Pic of the week; 1929 Hotel


For one night only; the incredible outside bathroom terrace of Keong Saik road’s 1929 hotel. Some of the best customer service and qwerky touches in the city. (Free unlimited apple juice and iced jems biscuits!)


100 More Things I love about you; Singapore…

On the eve of leaving my much-loved Singapore, I challenged myself to come up with 10 more ‘things I love’ following my ORIGINAL POST OF THE FIRST 100

I got to #199….

101# Kilo becoming Singapore’s hottest underground club the month after we moved to the neighborhood
102# Lau Pa Sat’s grand re-opening the day before we leave
103# Our United Coloured of Benetton multi-nationality flatmates staying up till 4am for the 2014 World Cup matches
104# Everyone’s comedic obsession with the PMI index during the haze
105# The only Singlish word I remembered in two years; ‘Kaypoh’ (Malay for busybody)
106# Marina Bay Sand’s child free section of the infinity Pool
107# JJ’s house band, Duxton Hill
108# Pita & Olives, level 3, 100AM
109# The roof of Marina Barrage at sunset
110# Bollywood Veggies, Kranji
111# Leaning that you can pay taxi fare on your EZ card, after about 18 month of living here
112# Botanical Gardens in the pouring rain
113# Just the name; ‘Cuppage terrace’
114# Matchbox hostel attic
115# Mozza restaurant @ The Shoppes MBS
116# The Jack Daniels photobooth at Beer Fest 2013
117# 28 HK Street &  Library Bar.  Singapore’s ‘secret’ speakeasies
118# Donkey Darbies
119# Yorkshire puddings at the Queen and Mangosteen, Vivocity
120# Universal Studios. Even with a hangover
121# Typo and their obsession with unicorn stationary
122# Coq N Ball Tiong Barhu and their Halloween giveaway prizes
123# Starworld Play, specifically Beauty & The Geek Australia
124# Saturday night drinking on The Bridge, Clarke Quay
125# The joys of being in your 30’s and buying basil plants
126# The kitchenware stores of Holland Village
127# Hubbabubba’s cover of I dreamed a Dream at Outpost, St James Power Station
128# Gold class at Great World City on a Saturday morning
129# The whole inflatable pool section of Mustafa
130# The hoola hoop section of Mustafa
131# Buying fresh vegetables in random alleyways in Farrah Park
132# Jewel Bar, Rangoon Road
133# The pastel swings at Raffles MRT
134# Sour plum vodka at Buyan Russian restaurant
136# Cat Steven’s Baby it’s a Wild World
137# Casablanca, Dunlop Street
138# Fresh lime juice at Maxwell hawker
139# Red velvet cake from Department of Caffeine
140# Foodies, Tiong Bahru
141# Tokyo long iced teas at Blu Jazz
142# Online grocery shopping from Giant
143# G & T’s by the pool at Kentish Green
144# Groove dance studio, Dhoby Ghaut
145# How quiet the the new downtown line is
145# Tanjong Beach Club’s strobe lit swimming pool at Full Steam Ahead
146# Training Shed when it’s not raining shed
147# Seeing Carmen at Ballet Under the Stars, Fort Canning Park
148# DBS Movies by the Bay, especially their xmas eve screening of Love Actually
149# Fish Tacos at Lucha Loca, Duxton Hill
150# Civiche Sur Nuevo Latino Kitchen before it closed down
151# The miniature bottles of Hendricks at Level33
152# Olde Cuban Bar cellar
153# The posh soup stall at Tanjong Pagar hawker centre
154# Fig, pomegranite & goats cheese salad at Kil’s second floor restaurant
155# Free flow wine and cheese at The Mad Poet
156# Joo Chit Road
157# Having a campsite to ourselves on Palau Ubin island
158# 100% sugar bubble tea
159# Rummicub
160# Egg with Marmite solders at Drury Lane
161# A year of Breaking Bad / Mad Men / Homeland
162# Sneaking off for cocktails before finishing The Colour Run
163# Pasta Mondays
164# The Whiskey prize for 1st, 2nd & 3rd at Bellwethers quiz
165# Colin’s jokes at the Prince Of Wales Weds pub quiz & the bucket of Corona prize whilst it lasted
166# Rhianna at Formula 1
167# How afraid Singaporeans really are of ‘The hungry Ghost’
168# Drawing the shutters on work’s old shophouse windows, like you’re in an Asian period drama
169# HBO’s Serengoon Road
170# Friday night Maxwell beers
171# Cycling to 3 different cold storage’s on xmas eve just for honey roasted parsnips
172# Food photography shoots at Black Studio Ubi Road
173# Mascarpone pizza at the Italian between Boat and Clarke
174# The ‘love padlocks’ outside Central Clarke Quay
175# The fancy dress shop on level 2 of People’s Park Complex
176# Chatting to Singaporeans about their crazy ‘heaty’ and ‘windy’ foods
177# Learning to scuba dive
178# The glow of the purple letters that say ‘Welcome to Changi Airport’ as you arrive back home
179# Wondering why the practice the National Day flyover as many times as they do, 6 months prior to August
181# Using the MOM toilets when you’re drunk at Home Club
182# The shimmer of lights at Boat Quay at night
183# A very boozy xmas day at the Pan Pacific & Chjimes
184# New Year’s Day Monopoly
185# Srilankan red rum
186# Guzzling duty free on the ferry back from Batam before you reach customs
187# Seeing the cats & bird man on the early morning cycle to work by Kallang river
188# Drunken stories from the night before of friends that wake up on Woodland’s border
189# Naming the floating turtle tray; Sir Thomas Raffles Jeffrey Archer Butler
190# Afternoon tea at Halia, Fullerton Bay, The W
191# The mezze dips at Istanbul restaurant, Kampong Glam
192# The outside bathtub at 1929 Hotel, Keong Saik Road
193# Watching the Little Mermaid & Mulan at Meraprime
194# Jumping in your own swimming pool with a hangover
195# Thinking that you’ll never be as happy again as that year you spent traveling. Being proved wrong.
196# Meeting the best group of friends a girl can ever meet on a Catamaran last May
197# Moving back to a city on a gut feeling , falling in love 1 month later
198# Finding that place in the world that fixes you
199# Being exactly in the right place at the right time in life









Pics of the Week; Kallang Bowl, Indoor Stadium


Previous Older Entries : The Anantasin is the name of a shipwreck just of the coast of the Sensi Parasise, Mae Haad Bay, Koh Tao, Thailand. It’s one of my many favorite places.

Lit.tle: Just because it’s cute.

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