Because you’re worth it…Hairdressing in Singapore

A year of sun, sand & sea certainly takes it’s toll on your hair. Plus I work in Asia now. Immaculately shiny hair is a prerequisite.

Fusion Hub, Jurong East, is at the end of the red MRT.  On the scale of budget to fancy lets say we have:


1) The Chinatown street barbers ($5, 70 yr old man, chair, scissors, alleyway)
2) Tony & Guy et all ($200+, supermodels, ‘products,’ wine, Vogue)

Well, Fusion Hub would be somewhere in the middle. OK it’s in a retro run down Chinese shopping arcade, but it’s quite modern & airy inside.

Their ‘Deep re-bonding’ treatments start from $30 up to $50. Apparently the price depends on whether the products are Chinese, Italian, or Japanese. A  glamorous hot pink wearing stylist with super glossy hair talks me through it all. Exciting stuff.

There’s a luxurious tub of creamy conditioner so buttery you could eat it. Plus a 100ml glass vial of magic serum that you smash to activate it. I like the drama of it all.

Being English, I’m prepared for that uncomfortable 5 min sink horror, where you feel your neck is being dislocated and a chavy Saturday Girl blasts ice water down your bra.

Not in Singapore. I behold… A flat-bed, full of cushions. It’s like an upgrade to Virgin airlines first class (I imagine.) Not one, but two staff give me a washing worthy of a dog grooming parlor, with a dam amazing head massage thrown in too.

Hot pink leggings girl reappears and the treatment itself is applied the same way dyeing is, just without the foils. I sit for 30 min under a space-age heater hat with atmospheric steam pouring out. I glance up a few times from my Shanghai fashion mags to feel like I’m in a very pleasant scientific experiment.

The whole experience took just over an hour, and was a fraction of the price you would pay in Europe, for great service too. Treat yourself!

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